Quality Analyst Certification

Quality analyst aims at the improvement of the software development process by ensuring quality and complying with standards. No matter what sort of software organizations wish to develop, the highest quality standards will always be of paramount importance. It saves a significant amount of time and cost and ensures that the delivered product complies with clients’ expectations, building long-term relationships with clients. Lack of quality assurance can create bugs that cripple the entire firm resulting in system blackouts, missing data, communication breakdown, and reduced revenues. Here, a quality analyst can be a life savior. A quality analyst can have a tremendous role in the entire development process from initiation to completion phase. Considering the cruciality of a quality analyst, we have designed a top-notch quality analyst certification training course to instill all the required quality assurance skills in our trainees to make them stand out in the industry.

Course description

We have designed this quality analyst certification training course with a vision of producing highly skilled quality analysts. In this course, trainees will use proven quality assurance techniques, including conducting reviews, walkthroughs, inspections, and audits. And eventually, the trainee will become very well versed in defining, designing, and leading all the major/minor quality assurance activities. Across all the technical platforms, our trainees will become at home in applying the principles of any software-based system. You will also learn Quality Management, Software Testing, Integration Testing, Mobile Testing, Internal Auditing, Automation Testing, API Testing, Seven Basic Tools of Quality, Quality Systems Theory, and much more.

Course objectives

Once this course is completed:

  • Candidates become fully versed in all the basic quality assurance, automated testing, manual testing, and be fully aware of the quality management process. 
  • To ensure an uninterrupted workflow, they will apply quality assurance tools with all the required expertise. 
  •  They will draw a fine line between quality control, quality plan, and quality assurance. 
  • He will get a complete comprehension of why quality standards matter in the quality management process and how it impacts the final product. 
  • He will be able to stand out as an expert in the quality analysts’ pool.


Those who have done their graduation can enroll in our quality analysts training course. Our quality analyst course is open for everyone who wants to pursue a successful time ahead in quality assurance and become a successful quality analyst.

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Who should attend this quality analyst certification training course

It doesn’t matter whether you have the technical expertise or not, our quality analyst training course is open for everyone. The only thing that counts here is your passion to pursue your career in information technology. If you fall under the following category, you are most welcome to enroll.

  • Software testers, programmers, quality experts, and all the working professionals in the respective field who want to boost their quality analyst skills can enroll.
  • Fresh graduates who are passionate about excelling in the quality analyst field can enroll.


  • Why choose us?

    Our quality analysts certification training course prepares you for hard certification exams by building an in-depth knowledge of all the basic quality assurance concepts. For all those who want to make a strong profession in this field, our training course is the best thing to opt for. Not only this, but our quality analyst certification training course is also suitable for those who want to practice their existing knowledge and add value to that. This course will make you an expert on quality assurance and software testing processes, tools, methodologies, and techniques. Once you enroll with our institute, you will come out as an industry expert with the required skills imparted.

  • About our quality analyst certification

    When you achieve a professional certificate from a well-reputed firm, it helps you make your spot in the quality assurance niche. A professional certificate can give an upper hand as compared to those who don’t have it. It provides career progression with enhanced chances of promotion and increased salary packages. Moreover, it gives you a chance to get recognized as an industry professional.

Our Client’s Reviews

I have taken a quality assurance analyst course at Wolf careers. I am highly impressed by the way they pay heed to the trainees. With this prestigious certification, I feel more confident in my skills and invited to apply at top-notch organizations as a quality analyst.

Joe Potter

This certification course is different because of their well versed and highly-educated instructors, a highly professional environment, and their focus on every detail. I am glad that I enrolled in this course. 

James Billington
I feel highly privileged to enroll in a quality analyst certification training course at Wolf Careers. They have covered the entire concept that a person pursuing a career in this field must learn.