About .Net

.Net is a software framework that is open-sourced for the users. It is pronounced as “DotNet.” This Framework contains a large class library FCL (Framework Class Library). It is an open-source framework for building many types of applications. Microsoft develops it. Using .Net, you can use multiple editors, libraries, and languages to build applications for web, desktop, mobile, games, and IoT (Internet of Things).

About .Net online certification training course

This .Net online certification training course is ideal for students who want to start their careers in web applications and software development and are interested in creating their projects from scratch. This online course will cover the practical phases of multiple web and software applications. Moreover, this online course aims to introduce the students to the distributed application development environment basics. This online certification training course will lead the students to enriched knowledge of .Net programming. The course will cover the technologies including the Common Language Runtime (CLR). C#, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET.

Why should you take this .Net online certification training course?

.Net certification course is a broad introduction to the .Net coding in C#. It leads to the foundation for the major aspects of .Net development, including data connections, C# library and language, WebForms, and WinForms projects.

.Net online certification training course is a treasure trove of opportunities for professionals looking to expand their knowledge in .Net technology. The certification will benefit you in a job market where people with skills without a certificate will compete with certified .Net professionals. You will get the upper hand and will be paid more.


There are specific prerequisites for getting enrolled in this DotNet online certification training. However, a piece of basic knowledge regarding C# would significantly help you throughout the course.

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Syllabus of .Net online certification training course


I was enrolled in the previous batch of the .Net online certification training course. I always wanted to gain comprehensive knowledge on .Net. And this online certification training course fulfilled the purpose. Because of the skills that this course imparted to me, I have gotten a good position in a reputable company with a handsome salary package. I would highly recommend this course. 

Course’s FAQs

It would be best if you breathed a sigh of relief because you will be trained by .Net professionals who have years of enriched experience in this domain. Moreover, they perfectly know the art of delivering only current, trending, and authentic content.

Following are the top-notch features of this .Net online certification training course.

  • You will get to work on independent projects with the full assistance of your trainer.
  • You will be getting only trending and advanced content. Nothing outdated
  • 24×7 access to study material.
  • At the end of course completion, you will get Industry-recognized certification. 

Certification will strictly be based on your performance and the level of skills you gained. This is necessary because we are committed to giving our industry only highly skilled certified professionals.

We have specified the following payment options to make the option convenient for you. In turn, you will get an online receipt through an email. 

  • American Express and Diners Club card
  • Visa debit/credit card
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard