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Java is one of the class-based, general-purpose, object-oriented programming languages designed to have fewer implementation dependencies. It is a computing programme for application development. Java is secure, fast, and reliable. It is widely used for producing Java applications in laptops, data centers, game consoles, scientific supercomputers, cell phones, etc. 

Java Platform is a set of programs. It helps programmers to develop and run Java programming applications efficiently. It includes an execution engine, a compiler, and a set of libraries. It is a set of computer software and specifications.

Java Training Overview

In this Java course for beginners, you’ll learn Java programming basics such as, What is Java platform is, how to install Java, JVM, OOPS concepts, object, variables, class, arrays, strings, command-line arguments, garbage collection, polymorphism, inheritance, interface, packages, constructor, etc. You’ll also learn advanced concepts like switch-case, functions, multithreading, swing, files, API, Java Spring, etc., in this Java basics for beginners guide. This Java course for beginners is designed for beginners with little or no Java coding experience.

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    • Datatypes In Java

    • Object-Oriented Programming In Java

    • Conditionals And Control Flow In Java Programs

    • String Method

    • Loops

    • Access, Encapsulation, And Static Method

    • Inheritance And Polymorphism

    • Debugging

    • Two-Dimensional Arrays

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    San Francisco,  Los Angeles, Long Beach.

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    Why Choose Wolf Careers?

    Wolf Careers has left no stones unturned in imparting the best practices of Java to the students. We are second to none because of the following reasons: 

    • We have years of experience immersed in this field.
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    Java Training And Job Placement Assistance

    Upon completion of the course, we provide assistance in Java certification training and job placement in Chicago and Texas. 

    • Training and coaching on ‘Basic Skills’ necessary to work on a project.
    • Theoretical assignment to evaluate and help understand the concept of an IT project.
    • Practical assignment on a day to day job responsibility 
    • Q & A session.
    • Guidance on creating a powerful resume.
    • Mock interviews to prepare for the job.
    • Help and guidance with the submission of the resume to prospective clients.

    Our Course Learning Objectives

    • Learn about data types and object-oriented programming in Java and how we use them.

    • Conditionals and control flow in Java programs.

    • Build lists of data with Java arrays and ArrayLists. Also, learn how to create and use two-dimensional arrays.

    • Use loops to iterate through lists and repeat code.

    • The Java String class provides a lot of useful methods for performing operations on strings and data manipulation

    • Dive deeper into object-oriented Java with inheritance and polymorphism.

    • Learn about various types of errors in Java and practice finding them.


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    I have taken a quality assurance analyst course at Wolf careers. I am highly impressed by the way they pay heed to the trainees. With this prestigious certification, I feel more confident in my skills and am invited to apply at top-notch organizations as a quality analyst.


    Everything delivered in this course is easy to understand and follow along with the lecture. I would recommend this to any person who is interested in learning the basics about Windows Server.

    Anis Shaikh

    Great Java training. I will continue with more courses.

    David Sherley

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, a video demo session will allow you to know more about the course.

    You can easily enroll in our online certification training course via our website. And we will reach out to you at our earliest convenience.

    No. We will supply material, and this is hands-on training.


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