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C# is a powerful and type-safe object-oriented language that allows developers and programmers to create a wide scope of safe and reliable applications that can run in the .Net system. This .Net system includes the implementations of .Net. Programmers can use C- sharp to create Windows client applications, XML Web services, distributed components, client-server applications, database applications, and so on.

C# training comes in handy with plenty of bright opportunities. As the scope of game development continues to rise along with more website development on the ASP.NET framework, proficiently believe that the future of C# training is brighter than ever before. Whether it is the designing of websites, building desktop applications, or creating addicting games, there is no way C# savvies will face difficulty in finding the perfect job that lists C# as a requirement for the position.

C# Training Overview

We make programming an easy go!

C# can be a difficult programming language to learn and excel in but Wolf Careers have as made things easier for beginners and advancing developers with our robust portfolio of courses dedicated to C# and .Net certification training. You can choose the course tailored to your desires, or you can take a free consulting session with our experts to help you identify your choice. We provide C# training and job placement in Chicago and Texas also assistance after completing the course. Sign up and start learning C# today!

Have a look at the following most demanded courses worldwide:

  • C# Training – Programming For Beginners
  • C# Basics For Beginners In C# And .Net
  • .Net Parallel Programming With C#

These courses are intended to introduce the C# programming language to develop well-documented programs. These courses are designed by our top-notch experts to provide knowledge of how features of .Net are used in developing applications

Our courses are equipped with case studies on Java versus .Net to understand what the differences are and when to use .Net and Java besides hands-on projects to understand things practically.

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    C# Training – Programming For Beginners

    • Introduction

    • Visual C# Express Overview

    • C# Program

    • Data Types And Variables

    • Introduction To Classes And Objects Overview

    • C# Arithmetic Operators And Expressions

    • C# Input And Output

    • Decision Making

    • Repetition

    • Methods

    C# Basics For Beginners In C# And .Net

    • Introduction To C#

    • Introduction To .Net

    • C# Variables

    • C# Operators

    • C# Statement

    • C# Iterative Statement

    • Debugging In C# .Net Environment

    .Net Parallel Programming With C#

    • Introduction

    • Task Programming

    • Data Sharing And Synchronization

    • The Concurrent Collection

    • Task Coordination

    • Parallel Loops

    • Parallel LINQ

    • Asynchronous Programming

    We offer C# training and placement all year long, in different parts of the United States of America. Find the location that works best for you to meet an online training and job placement consultant.

    Training locations in Texas:

    Houston, Frisco, Dallas, Plano, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, and Woodlands.

    Training locations in California:

    San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach.

    Training locations in Illinois:

    Chicago, Bloomingdale, Glendale Heights, Carol Stream, Hanover Park, Addison, Schaumburg, Wood Dale, Glen Ellyn, Bartlett, Wheaton, Elk Grove Village, Lombard, and Villa Park.

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    Why Choose Wolf Careers?

    Wolf Careers has left no stones unturned in imparting the best practices of C# to the students. We are second to none because of the following reasons: 

    • We have years of experience immersed in this field.
    • We have the best in town team of professionals.
    • We have achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rate.
    • We give our students Industry-standard certification.
    • Our students have 24×7 access to study material.
    • We offer an affordable fee structure.
    C# Training And Job Placement Assistance

    Upon completion of the course, we provide assistance in C# certification training and job placement in Chicago and Texas. 

    • Training and coaching on ‘Basic Skills’ necessary to work on a project.
    • Theoretical assignment to evaluate and help understand the concept of an IT project.
    • Practical assignment on a day to day job responsibility 
    • Q & A session.
    • Guidance on creating a powerful resume.
    • Mock interviews to prepare for the job.
    • Help and guidance with the submission of the resume to prospective clients.

    Our Course Learning Objectives

    C# Training  Programming For Beginners

    C# Basics For Beginners In C# And .Net

    .Net Parallel Programming With C#

    • Creation of a functional app based on complete and standards-compliant code.

    • Essential programming concepts including data types, classes and objects, arithmetic operators, I/O, if-else statements, loops, etc.
    • Computing theory and mathematical principles apply to everyday C# programming.

    • Basics of the C# programming language from setting up .Net development environment.
    • Overview of .Net, C# coding concepts such as Variables, Operators, Selection & Iterative statements, Debugging C# programs.
    • Create and run independent tasks.
    • Manage access to data

    • Effectively and efficiently use of parallel collections

    • Working with task continuations

    • Writing of parallel loops

    • Know the power of Parallel LINQ

    • Master asynchronous programming


    Here is what our clients had to say about our IT training and job placement services:

    I was enrolled in this online certification training course. The best thing about this course is their highly professional trainers who have excellent knowledge about this field and are very supportive and engaging.


    I am using some of the negotiation preparation techniques from the course in different aspects of my job. Overall I feel more confident in situations that might have once felt intimidating.


    Wolf careers is one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of. Proud to be an alumni, and looking forward to more


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