With so many advantages to choose from, it may take time to decide which certification is better: AWS or Azure. When choosing between AWS and Azure, you should know that both platforms offer a wide range of services. They can help you build, deploy, and manage applications while reducing the cost of infrastructure management.

Which certification is better for a .NET developer? AWS or Azure?

Both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are powerful platforms.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are powerful platforms, but AWS has a more extensive range of services. As such, it’s the more popular choice among developers. However, Azure is much more expensive than AWS. If you’re a .NET developer looking to move into the cloud and save money, then Azure is your best bet—it’s the only one of these two options offering a free tier with support for .NET Core 2.0 apps!

AWS Certification

AWS certification is a great way to get started in the cloud industry. AWS offers certifications at different levels, including associate, professional, and expert. The certifications are available in multiple languages and can be taken through Pearson VUE or Prometric testing centers.

Azure Certification

Are you interested in certification to help you pursue new careers and boost your salary? The Azure certification is the best choice for .NET developers, as it’s more suitable for companies that use Microsoft technologies and cloud computing.

The Azure certification is recommended for those already working with .NET developers or are interested in pursuing careers in cloud computing. Because it’s aligned with Microsoft technologies, people who have taken classes on these platforms can easily get their foot in the door with employers that use these tools. The Azure certification also allows individuals to increase their value by expanding their skill set beyond what they’re already comfortable doing.

How to Choose Between AWS and Azure Certifications?

If you’re a .NET developer, AWS certification is probably more useful for your career. This is because the AWS platform is far more mature and widespread than Azure, so it’s more likely that an employer will have experience with AWS and be able to tell you what they need from a candidate.

However, if you’re interested in working in cloud computing as a whole (and not just on the Microsoft stack), then Azure could be a better choice.

The one thing that both AWS and Azure have in common is that they’re growing rapidly. The cloud computing market is still relatively young, and there’s a lot of room for it to expand over the next few years. By taking an AWS or Azure certification exam, you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge of this fast-moving technology—and potentially boost your career along with it.

Both certifications are helpful, but it depends on your company.

AWS and Azure certifications are helpful, but it depends on your company.

Certifications are a good way to learn about a particular technology and can help you get a job or earn more money.

AWS certification is more popular than Azure certification because AWS has a larger number of certifications than Azure, including the most popular ones like SysOps Administrator Associate (SysOps A) or Solutions Architect Professional (SAP).

AWS certification is more popular in the US, while Azure certification is more popular in Europe.

It depends on the role you want to apply for as well. You must get an Azure certification if you’re working for a company with an Azure subscription. Suppose you have experience with AWS and want to switch careers. In that case, applying for Azure-related jobs in Europe or Asia can be difficult because of the popularity of AWS there.


Both AWS and Azure certifications are valuable. However, it depends on the company you work for and what they need from their developers when it comes to cloud-based services. If you’re looking for a job, keep that in mind! You can go with either certification if you want but make sure that your current employer is willing to provide some financial assistance with your studies before investing too much time into an expensive course

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