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Quality analysts at Amazon monitor the quality of customer service, products, and operational processes. They are also responsible for identifying areas where improvements can be made. The QA team works closely with other teams to fulfil their goals and objectives within a reasonable time frame.

What is the salary and scope of a Quality Analyst at Amazon?

Is quality analyst a good career at Amazon?

Yes! Quality analysts are the backbone of any great company. They help ensure that the products being built are of the highest quality, and they keep customers happy by ensuring their orders are fulfilled correctly. Here’s what some current and former quality analysts say about this job:

  • It’s a rewarding career because if you’re doing your job right, you’re helping others do their jobs better.
  • You get to use your analytical skills every day and then come home feeling like you’ve done something worthwhile for society! It’s also very rewarding when customers tell us how much they love our products because we helped make them happen!

What is the role of Quality Analysts?

What is the salary and scope of a Quality Analyst at Amazon?

As a quality analyst, you’ll be responsible for assessing the quality of products, services, and processes. You’ll also focus on identifying problems and finding solutions to them. Your role will include developing and implementing improvements to the quality of products and services.

What are the interview questions for the Quality Analysts?

If you are joining Amazon as a Quality Analyst, it is important to know all the interview questions that may come your way. Here are some of the common questions:

  • What is quality? How do you define quality?
  • You have been tasked with evaluating an application by your team members. You find out that during testing for one feature, there are also bugs in other features. How would you report them?
  • Describe what SMT (systematic measurement technique) is and how it impacts the software development life cycle.

Does quality analysis require coding?

What is the salary and scope of a Quality Analyst at Amazon?

You don’t need to be a coder or have advanced programming skills to be a quality analyst. It would be best if you were good at analytical thinking and problem-solving. It would help if you also had a good eye for detail and the ability to work in a team environment that requires you to collaborate with developers, project managers, and other quality analysts.

What are the rounds for quality analysts at Amazon?

The rounds of the interview process for quality analysts at Amazon include:

  • Written test: The first round of the interview process is a written test that includes general aptitude and technical questions related to your background.
  • Technical interview: The second round is an interview with a technical manager from your department, who will ask you more specific questions about your background and experience related to working at Amazon.
  • Panel interview (for candidates who make it past both rounds): The third round is another panel interview with two or three members of management, who will ask you more general questions about yourself, Amazon’s culture, and what motivates you professionally.

Are analysts paid well?

The average salary for a qualified Quality Analyst at Amazon ranges from $60,000 to $120,000 per year. The salary is based on many factors, including experience, location, and position held within the company. For example, entry-level Quality Analysts earn an average starting pay of $80,000, whereas experienced professionals can make up to $120,000 annually.

In addition to these basic figures, other factors influence how much you will earn as a Quality Analyst at Amazon, such as:

  • Geographical location — living in Silicon Valley or Seattle will increase your salary by approximately 10% compared to living elsewhere in the US, like New York City or Los Angeles (where living costs may be lower).
  • Company size — larger companies, usually pay better than smaller ones, so if you’re considering joining one, talk about compensation during your interview process when negotiating terms.


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