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Oracle Fusion is a platform that combines the best of Oracle’s cloud and on-premises software. It can help you transform your business and create new growth opportunities.

Fusion Middleware is an integrated suite of enterprise-class application server technologies. It enables you to build, deploy and manage modern applications quickly and easily across multiple platforms by providing a single code base solution for any environment-on premise or in the cloud.

What is Oracle Fusion and why does it matter?

Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Applications are a suite of integrated applications that work together to help businesses run better.

These applications are designed to be used together but are flexible enough to be used separately. They include:

  • ERP (Enterprise resource planning):

This application automates the procurement process, enabling you to manage all supplier information in one place.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

This application helps you manage your sales pipeline, identify potential leads, and keep track of customer information.

  • HCM (Human Capital Management):

This application helps you manage the employees in your business—from hiring to performance reviews.

  • PLM (Product Lifecycle Management):

This application helps you manage your product design and development, including supplier relationships and production processes.

Benefits of Implementing Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Cloud Applications are designed to give you the benefits of cloud computing. These include lower costs, agility, and high security.

Lower Cost

What is Oracle Fusion and why does it matter?

Cloud computing is a great option for Oracle Fusion because it’s more cost-effective than other methods. Because you can use the cloud to host your applications and store your data, you’ll experience cost savings in both areas:

  • Hosting – You no longer have to maintain your servers or invest in expensive hardware. Instead, you pay a monthly fee to access available resources whenever you need them.
  • Storage – Cloud storage is also cheaper than buying new hard drives and installing them in your server room—and since everything is stored remotely, there’s no risk of losing any files if something happens locally.


What is Oracle Fusion and why does it matter?

Oracle Fusion Cloud applications are built on the latest cloud technologies. They’re more agile and scalable than traditional enterprise software, making collaborating with your teams and customers easy.

High Security

What is Oracle Fusion and why does it matter?

Oracle Fusion provides a secure environment to store your data. The Oracle Cloud is compliant with HIPAA, PCI, and EU Data Protection and uses encryption to protect your data.

In addition, the Oracle Cloud has a flexible security model that enables you to manage permissions based on roles assigned by role separation. This means that each user can be assigned different roles and access privileges so that only those who need access can get it.


Oracle Fusion Cloud applications are the future of business. Their combination of simplicity, scalability and security offers a solution that will benefit any company looking to grow. With so many services available today, it may seem like there’s no reason to change—but if you’re not already using Oracle Fusion Cloud applications in your organization, now is the time! You’ll soon see how easy it is to manage all aspects of your business from anywhere with just one platform (and probably get more work done in less time).

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