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When it comes to HR software, there are several options available in the market. You can choose one of them according to your needs and budget. However, this does not mean you must select an entire software solution simultaneously. You can always start by implementing one module at a time.

This is what Oracle Fusion has done with its ERP suite for human resources that offers modules like payables, tax management, and others under one platform called Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud – formerly known as PeopleSoft EBS HCM Cloud.

What Is Oracle Fusion?

Oracle Fusion is a comprehensive suite of ERP and HCM solutions that enables companies to optimize their business processes.

 With Oracle Fusion, you can access a unified platform for managing all your core business functions—from finance and accounting to supply chain, manufacturing, service, and human capital management. 

The solution delivers maximum value through collaboration between departments, applications, and the cloud – helping drive increased efficiencies throughout your entire organization.

What Is The Difference Between Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, and Fusion HCM?

  • EBS is a financial and accounting system. It’s the backbone of your organization, providing financial reporting and processing.
  • PeopleSoft is a Human Resources (HR) system for managing employees, payroll, and benefits.
  • Oracle Fusion HCM includes EBS and PeopleSoft functionality with additional capabilities in talent management, learning & development, compensation management, and more.

Where Can It Be Implemented?

Oracle Fusion is a flexible solution that can be used in place of other solutions. It can also be used as a standalone solution or as part of a larger solution.

Additionally, Oracle Fusion can be part of a multi-solution environment that includes other software products from Oracle.

How Can It Cover The Company’s Needs?

Oracle Fusion is worth considering if you are looking for a solution that can cover your company’s current needs.

The key strength of this platform is flexibility. It offers integration with other solutions and can be extended by adding more solutions to the system (such as HCM or ERP).

What is good to go, Oracle HCM or ERP on Oracle Fusion?

This platform has been successfully implemented in place of other solutions, providing exclusive coverage of HR processes and more than 150 out-of-the-box reports for standard business processes.

HR Processes

The solution can be used to replace other solutions or integrated with them so that it covers all your HR needs and provides you with additional functionality such as:

  • Time off management (to track time spent on various activities)
  • Attendance management (for recording employees’ attendance)

The Flexibility

The key strength of this platform is flexibility. It gives you the freedom to add or remove modules, change the way they work, change the way they look, and use them in different ways. 

This means you can extend its functionality as much as possible to suit your needs.

Integrations With Other Solutions.

Oracle HCM and ERP are two different products. The good thing is that they can be integrated. This means you can use them together to get a better experience.

If you want to search for new solutions, purchase new solutions or add some other modules to your existing ERP platform, then integration will come in handy. This way, it becomes easier for you to find what you need and add it to your system seamlessly without any issues.

Each Module Can Be Switched On Or Off.

Each module can be switched on or off. That is, you do not have to use all modules simultaneously. This makes adding or removing modules as needed and fits your usage pattern easy.

In addition, you can add new modules to an existing system and remove old ones without disrupting the performance of other components in the system.


Undoubtedly, Oracle Fusion HCM is a strong solution for your HR needs. It provides complete coverage of HR processes and can be extended by adding more solutions to the system.

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