Salesforce administration jobs include CRM administrator, finance admin, and helpdesk manager. These roles offer plenty of opportunities for career advancement and higher salaries if you put in the hard work! If you are looking for a job that involves managing Salesforce, this is the right place to start.

What are job opportunities in Salesforce administration?

Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce administrator manages the instance, sets up users and profiles, configures security, and creates reports and dashboards. The administrator also provides training on how to use these features.

CRM administrator

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management.” It’s a system that allows companies to manage customer interactions, including sales, marketing, and customer service. A CRM administrator is someone who helps make sure the system is running properly.

You can become a CRM administrator by getting an associate’s degree from an accredited program or completing some courses through online schools like Excelsior College or the University of Phoenix. You will also need experience working in IT systems administration; this could be gained through internships or jobs at smaller companies where you’ll have more opportunities for hands-on learning than at larger ones. Once you’ve acquired these qualifications, there are numerous career paths open to you:

  • Senior Salesforce Administrator: 

A senior salesforce administrator manages multiple teams’ platform use while ensuring compliance with company policies regarding data security and privacy (i.e., they ensure no one accesses anyone else’s private information). They may also work alongside developers in larger projects involving adding new features to existing platforms.

Finance admin

A finance admin is in charge of the accounting and finance department. They are responsible for managing the financial data of a company, including its accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.

Finance admins also help ensure that expenses are recorded correctly so that companies can avoid fines or legal issues with government agencies like tax authorities. They may be required to prepare reports on behalf of management to assist with decision-making processes related to funding requests or mergers/acquisitions (M&As).

Helpdesk manager

A Helpdesk manager is a job opportunity that provides technical support to users and manages the customer service team. The helpdesk manager is also responsible for managing customer satisfaction, managing customer relationships, and ensuring that all issues are handled promptly.

There are many job opportunities in salesforce administration.

There are many job opportunities in salesforce administration. It would help if you understood Salesforce well, could communicate with people and work in a team, worked under pressure, and had good attention to detail.


There are many job opportunities in Salesforce administration. You can work as a salesforce administrator or CRM administrator. You can also become a finance admin or helpdesk manager. To learn more about these jobs, visit our Salesforce Admin Certification Training In Chicago – Wolf Careers website.

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