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In this blog, we will focus on the Top 8 Best .Net Developer Certifications in 2022. We will also talk about what .Net developer certifications are. Further, we will highlight the reason why you should take one.

Polishing your skill sets and gaining new in-demand skills. It helps you to perform your job more professionally. It helps you to build confidence. You can add more to your responsibilities. It also helps to increase your visibility at your workplace. Mastering your skills helps you to get promoted to senior positions. It also increases your salary. It makes you a more valuable asset to your organization.

When people talk about skills, you may have heard the word “certifications”. Do you have any idea about what certifications mean? And why do employers value certifications so much?


.Net framework is the original realization of .Net. It is a software development framework for building applications. It can be launched on Windows. .Net framework is a collection of the technologies for the creation of the applications for:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • And more.

.Net Core is a cross-platform open-source framework. We can use it for building applications. It is a new interpretation of the .Net framework that we can launch across the different OS. It enables the development of applications for various platforms.

.Net is a unified .Net platform for building applications. It is a new generation of Microsoft’s .Net Core. .Net 6 is an open-source platform for the development of software for different OS such as:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Applications
  • IoT
  • Games

.Net Developer

A .Net developer is responsible for designing, tailoring, and developing software applications. They built them according to a business’ needs. In addition to the determination and analysis of software prerequisites. .Net developers’ responsibilities include support and continuous development.

Job descriptions need to provide more detail about what is needed for the job. .Net is too wide of a team. Thus, it needs to mention which .Net language is needed:

  • VB.Net
  • C#
  • F#
  • And more.

This does not include the .Net stack:

  • WPF
  • Silverlight
  • WinForms
  • ASP.Net

The daily job is about the development and execution of appropriate application programs as well as:

  • Specified products
  • Programming Languages
  • Frameworks
  • Technologies
  • Tools

All of these are directly or indirectly merged with the collective term “.Net.”

Developers of this kind are primarily employed in:

  • Systems and software houses.
  • Telecommunications and information technology companies.
  • Engineering offices for technical planning.
  • Computer service providers.

In addition, engagement is possible in IT research and development facilities as well as in the IT departments of companies in various sectors of the economy.

Top 8 Best .Net Developer Certifications

Roles And Responsibilities Of A .Net Developer

Software engineers of different experience levels have different tasks in the projects. Very often, .Net developer job descriptions include information about typical tasks. The engineers execute these tasks. Here is a list of some common tasks that are assigned to the developers at different levels:

1. Junior .Net Developer Responsibilities

  • Analyzing business requirements;
  • Participation in the development of the software;
  • Interaction with other team members.

2. Middle .Net Developer Responsibilities

  • Clarification and implementation of the software according to the requirements;
  • Development of the software solutions, contribution to the design;
  • Delivering high-quality code and documentation;
  • Design and creation of secure, scalable, distributed applications;
  • Implementation of modern engineering practices to ensure product quality.

3. Senior .Net Developer Responsibilities

  • Collaboration with product owner as well as business stakeholders to define strategy and scope of software requirements;
  • Development of .Net based applications, translating user stories into functional applications;
  • Designing, building, and maintenance of the efficient, reusable and reliable code;
  • Assessment of the impacts on technical design, based on changes in functional requirements;
  • Working independently and within a team;
  • Mentoring of Junior .Net developers.

4. Net Software Architect Responsibilities:

  • Collaboration with customers to clearly define the requirements as well as deliverables, setting and managing expectations, translating business requirements into well-architected solutions;
  • Participation in the decision making process with regards to the technology and framework that is used in the software;
  • Leading the architecture and implementation of complex software solutions, offering a range of possible approaches;
  • Enhancement of the existing systems by analyzing business objectives, and preparing action plans. and identifying areas for improvements and modifications;
  • Leading the direction of the design, implementation, and testing of the software built on a robust technology stack using industry-standard tools and design patterns;
  • Designing the software using various Microsoft technologies and verifying its compliance with the architecture requirements;
  • Development of the solutions that are well-engineered, operable, maintainable, resilient, flexible, and naturally can be delivered on schedule;
  • Participation in code and design reviews to coach the development teams on the implementation of the technology strategy and best practices;
  • Actively participate in meetings or other project activities to produce project deliverables;
  • Providing domain expertise and engineering insight to guide designs, acceleration of project decision making, and maintenance oversight of technical execution.

Although, typical tasks depend on the project. One .Net developer job description from another one and this is normal. By selecting a position, to which software engineer developers will apply, it is recommended to read carefully all the requirements and responsibilities.

What Are .Net Developer Certifications

.Net developer certifications are proof that you have expertise in the field of BI. You can earn .Net certifications by passing an assessment or examination successfully after course completion. In other words, .Net certification is a verifiable and tangible validation that you have professional skills for what you are doing.

Why .Net Developer Certifications – Are They Worth It?

.Net certifications make you a valuable candidate for most companies. Employers across many organizations prefer certified professionals over non-certified candidates. .Net certificates give you an extra advantage and show that you are serious about your field. It opens you to even more opportunities. As a result of the increasing demand, it is obvious that getting .Net developers certifications will help.

Earning top .Net developers certifications exposes you to innovative techniques as it polishes your existing skills. These .Net certifications provide you access to many training materials and online communities. It also gives you extra opportunities to connect with people of the same interest. The more connections and networks you build, they may benefit you in the future.

List Of Top 8 Best .Net Developer Certifications In 2022

It is difficult to find a quality provider to teach you .Net. There is a constant rise in demand for .Net developers. This rise in demand has led to more websites claiming they can teach you the necessary skills.

We have sorted through all the courses on offer. Here we have compiled the following list of the best .Net courses and training programs. These sites and courses are validated by reviews and post-course employability rates.

1. Course Name: .Net Certification Training

Offered By: Wolf Careers Inc.

Course Description: 

This .Net online certification training course is ideal for students. Especially for those who want to start their careers in web applications and software development. Also for the ones who are interested in creating their projects from scratch. This online course will cover the practical phases of multiple web and software applications. 

This course aims to introduce the students to the distributed application development environment basics. It will lead the students to enriched knowledge of .Net programming. The course will cover the technologies, including:

  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • C#
  • ASP.Net
  • ADO.Net.


2. Course Name: .Net Training

Offered By: QA Training In Chicago

Course Description: 

Although .Net and Visual Studio are intuitive. There is still a lot to learn about the framework. Do you need a boost on C#? Or specific functions like design patterns, parallel programming, or dependency injection? QA Training In Chicago has a course for you. With this .Net training course, you can gain the essential skills to build and deploy:

  • Robust Windows
  • Websites
  • Web services
  • Mobile apps. 

It is by using technologies such as ASP.Net MVC, C#, and Visual Basic. For more advanced .Net programmers, take your skills to the next level. Learn best practices and design patterns for Microsoft’s .Net Framework. By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of business intelligence.

3. Course Name: C# For Beginners – Coding From Scratch (.Net Core)

Offered By: Udemy

Course Description: 

 This course in C# and .Net does not require any prior knowledge of programming. It will guide you through every step you need to become productive in the C# language. The ambition with this course is to firmly ground all theory in code that you will write in the editor. 

You will get a good understanding of the most important aspects of the C# language. You will also use it to create programs. You will learn the fundamentals of the C# language and .Net Core in this course.

4. Course Name: Complete Guide To ASP.Net Core MVC (.Net 6)

Offered By: Udemy

Course Description: 

This is a beginner to the advanced level course on .Net 5. It will take you from basics to advanced mode. This course is for anyone new to ASP.Net Core. Or who is familiar with ASP.Net. But still wants to take the first step at understanding what is different in ASP.Net Core. From there we would be building multiple projects to understand all concepts in .Net 6. Gradually it will deploy the final application on Azure as well as IIS.

Throughout this course: 

  • You will understand the evolution of ASP.Net Core. 
  • Then you will take a look at the modified files and folder structure.
  • You will then take a look at new concepts in ASP.Net Core
  • You will build a small Razor application with CRUD operations. You will be using the Entity framework for integration with the database.
  • You will build the Bulky Book website where you will learn advanced topics in ASP.Net MVC Core. 
  • Finally, you will deploy the Bulky Book website on Microsoft Azure and IIS. 
  • Course Name: IT Information Library Foundation (ITIL) 4 Foundation Certification

Offered By: Indeed

Course Description: 

It helps professionals improve their end-to-end creation of technology-enabled services or products. Topics this program covers include:

  • Modern organization operations
  • Value stream importance
  • Cultural and behavioral principles
  • Common terms and concepts

Skills that professionals learn during this program include: 

  • Information security management
  • IT asset management
  • Continual improvement
  • Problem management. 

The ITIL 4 Foundation certification has no recertification requirement upon completion. Career options for these certified professionals include IT service manager, cloud service manager, and technical support manager.

5. Course Name: Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certification

Offered By: Indeed

Course Description: 

This course enables you to verify your knowledge of designing cloud and hybrid solutions for companies. Some topics in this course are:

  • Infrastructure implementation
  • Application solution development and implementation
  • Data platform management
  • Security solutions

Skills that this program develops include:

  • Public speaking
  • Network requirement development
  • Network administration

The credential remains current for two years. Certified professionals can extend this renewal date by one year. It is possible if they pass an exam six months from their renewal date. Career options for these individuals include positions as:

  • Azure solutions architect
  • Cloud engineer
  • Infrastructure manager. 


6. Course Name: Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Offered By: Scrum Alliance

Course Description: 

By the end of the course, you will know all about:

  • Data structures,
  • Data warehouse design,
  • Data manipulation.

The first two months of this course are free. But, if you want to continue for the following five months, you will have to pay a fee. Throughout the curriculum, students will work with large data. You will learn to use a variety of tools and visual analytics.

As a Certified ScrumMaster, you have the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge through the gold standard of agile certification.
  • Guide your team to effectively use Scrum.
  • Understand why Scrum values are so important.
  • Increase career opportunities.
  • Expand your professional community.
  • Improve leadership skills.
  • Influence organizational change.


7. Course Name: .Net Training

Offered By: Quality Analyst Training

Course Description: 

Master the basics of .Net programming. Learn how to create .Net projects with this.Net Training. You will get introduced to the .Net space and coding. It is with C#, including Visual Studio and WinForms. It will prepare you for a prosperous career. This training is a thorough introduction to the .Net space and coding using C#. It lays the grounds for the major aspects of .Net development. 

It includes the Visual Studio Environment, data connections, and the C# language. It also includes WinForms and WebForms projects. Getting certified in .Net will open up plenty of opportunities for a professional. Also, a certified .Net developer gets paid better than non-certified equivalents. This training is ideal for the ones interested in creating their projects from scratch. 

How To Get A Successful .Net Career

Although being involved in the technological world is all about testing and trying your capabilities. However, when you look for .Net jobs. The below-mentioned tips will help you gain a sustainable hold on your career:

Develop Patience and Persistence: 

Programming is never a seamless job. Even if you have managed to program an entire application in one go. Debugging is the phase that brings up a lot of errors and defects.

Get Used to Quick Learning Skills: 

Once you are in any of the .Net jobs. It becomes essential to remain open to new methods, languages, and features. Considering that the technologies are rapidly changing and evolving. There is always something new to learn now and then.

Learn How to Adhere to Deadlines: 

As evident as it is, developing software is quite an expensive affair. And, the major part of the expense goes into the salaries of developers. Whether they are engrossed in .Net jobs in the US or anywhere in the world. Thus, as a developer, you would have to be aware of time constraints. Not just that, but your choices and decisions should also align with the deadline provided.

Have an Interest in Databases: 

Microsoft .Net uses different databases on its own. But, it is still crucial for a developer to have adequate knowledge in this area. Although the system already exists. It requires a competent developer to handle the database.

Never Lag in Experience: 

If you wish to get one of the significant and highest paying .Net jobs in the US. You would first have to invest a few years of your life into the framework. Thus,  as to comprehend the process and the ways of handling projects in a better way.

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