Automation has become a growing field in the IT industry. As more companies adopt automation, there is a high demand for automation testers who can write code that tests applications and websites. With the following ten websites, you will find some of the best courses on automation testing that will help you learn about this exciting new career path!

1. Katalon Academy

Top 10 Websites To Learn Automation Testing Courses in 2023

Katalon Academy is one of the best places to learn automation testing. The courses include Selenium, Appium, Java, and Python. They also offer a free trial which you can use to try out their courses before you decide whether to sign up or not. If for any reason, you are not happy with Katalon Academy’s services within 30 days of purchasing the course, then they will refund your money without any questions!

2. Udemy

Top 10 Websites To Learn Automation Testing Courses in 2023

It is an online learning platform with more than 55,000 courses taught by over 4,000 instructors. With Udemy, you can learn business skills, software, technology, and much more from top instructors.

It has over 15 million students from around the world and offers more than 150 different languages. It has a mobile app that allows users to access their course material while commuting or whenever they want to study at home without carrying a laptop with them all day.

3. LinkedIn Learning

Top 10 Websites To Learn Automation Testing Courses in 2023

LinkedIn Learning is a free resource for LinkedIn members. You can learn from various courses, from data science and project management to sales and marketing.

LinkedIn Learning has an impressive library of online courses that will help you develop your skills in business, leadership, negotiation, and time management.

LinkedIn Learning is a great way to learn new skills and improve your professional profile. The courses are taught by LinkedIn experts who know how to make learning fun.

4. Pluralsight


Pluralsight is a great place to learn automation testing courses. They have a wide range of courses, from beginner-level to advanced ones. Pluralsight offers courses in different languages like English, Spanish, and German. The platform also provides certification programs for its students who want to improve their skills. The videos offered on this platform are helpful as they explain everything in detail and give examples of how each concept works with real-life scenarios.

If you’re looking for a single website that offers quality content across multiple platforms, then Pluralsight is your best bet!

5. Coursera


Coursera is a platform that offers online courses and degrees in various subjects. Top universities teach the courses, including Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, and Yale University. You can choose to self-study or take an online course for credit (for a fee).

You can choose from various subjects, including business, medicine, and law. Coursera offers courses in data science, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

6. Simplilearn


It is an online learning platform that offers courses on Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Data Science, and Machine Learning. It was founded in 2012 by Raghu Bala and Sanjay Thumma.

The Simplilearn course catalog offers a wide range of certifications across the world’s leading technology companies, including Salesforce, Cisco, HPE, etc. The classes are offered in an audio-visual format which can be accessed anywhere, anytime through mobile phone or computer.

7. Edureka


Edureka is a leading global technology learning platform that offers a variety of courses in the cloud, artificial intelligence, data science, and automation.

Edureka aims to ensure you have the skills needed for success in the digital world through its online certification courses. You can choose from one of their many different training programs, including:

  • Data Science Certification Programs
  • Artificial Intelligence Certification Programs
  • DevOps Certification Programs

8. edX


It is a massive open online course (MOOC) website founded by Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and other universities. EdX offers MOOCs, interactive online courses, and other online learning resources.

edX is a nonprofit organization that provides free online college-level classes through MOOC. It also offers certificates for various courses upon completion of the program. The platform also provides individualized coaching to all learners who sign up for any course on the edX website.

9. Techcanvass


Techcanvass is a platform that provides free online courses. It has courses on Selenium, Cucumber, and Python. The website also provides an Automation testing course with an example code in the documentation.

The website offers a free certification program for automation testers where you can learn how to write automated tests in Java, C#, and Python by taking this course. You can also watch videos about Selenium WebDriver functionalities, such as recording scripts, understanding locators, setting up variables, etc.,

10. YouTube


YouTube is a free video-sharing website that allows you to upload and view videos. You can watch videos online or download them and subscribe to channels. You can watch videos on the YouTube app or website, both available for Android, iOS, and desktop users. Videos about how-to tutorials to educational lectures are available on YouTube — as long as there’s an audience for it!


Automation testing is a skill that can help you to make a name for yourself in today’s job market. It has become one of the most sought-after skills in the tech world, and companies are looking to hire automation testers because they know it will save them time and money. It also means that candidates with these skills will find it easier than others when looking for jobs and promotions within their current company.

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