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Every technology that we use today is data-driven. The amount of data generated by devices all over the world is more than 2.5 quintillion bytes per day! Now to analyze such a huge amount of data, we need skilled individuals. These professionals are Tableau developers. A Tableau developer today is one of the most sought-after job roles in the BI industry. In this article, we will discuss Tableau Developer Roles, Responsibilities, Skills, And Scope.

Tableau has become a popular name in the field of visual analytics. It has earned:

  • Immense popularity.
  • A client base that includes the world’s renowned companies.
  • A dominant position in the market.

Because of its potential and popularity. The role of Tableau developers has become one of the most preferred job titles in the present-day environment.


Tableau is a data visualization tool that helps us in realizing real-time data. It is helpful in business intelligence. It also assists in quick decision-making. It is a reliable and simple tool that usually limits the intervention of IT staff. It is a great data visualization tool. 90% of organizations around the world that rely on data visualization use Tableau.

Tableau Developer

Tableau developers enhance business policies by creating computer systems as well as data visualization solutions. You will create a Tableau dashboard and business intelligence reports.

Your role may also include data validation, analysis, and the design of a solution that improves processes. You must also attend feedback sessions. It helps to come up with ideas for system improvement. You may be tasked to create data storage tools for your organization. Also, to integrate new computer systems with your team.

Roles Of A Tableau Developer

Tableau developers serve as a technical resource for specific departments or functional areas. Developers work within their respective areas to: 

  • Develop and change reports and dashboards.
  • Provide connections to new and existing data sources.
  • Prepare data for use in Tableau.
  • Develop extracts,
  • Publish data sources and workbooks.
  • Develop custom scripts
  • Coordinate releases of data and workbooks.
  • Perform complex technical tasks such as integration with R.

The developer is the department or group’s point of contact for IT for:

  • Coordination, approvals, and mitigation of data and workbooks between environments.
  • Sign-offs before mitigation of objects to the production environment. 

In some cases, the developer may also assume interactor role responsibilities. Their role in the SSA Program is dashboards and data sources:

  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Publishing
  • Testing
  • Troubleshooting

Developers also act as the primary point of contact from their department. It helps them to communicate and coordinate with different stakeholders including:

  • Functional Users
  • Tableau Admin Team
  • Database Administrators
  • Data Governance Team
  • And more
Tableau Developer Roles Responsibilities Skills And Scope

Responsibilities Of A Tableau Developer

There is a huge demand for Tableau developers in the business intelligence industry. It is growing exponentially in data visualization. Tableau developers are known to be industry rulers in developing business intelligence tools. It is because of the ability and skills in executing the completeness of data as a visual.

Here, we have compiled a list of responsibilities that a Tableau developer fulfills:

1. Testing

They develop a database to conduct and inquire unit tests. It assists to troubleshoot and analyze the issues that arise. This refinement is an ongoing part of the development. It appears continuously throughout the project.

2. System Enhancement

It is an important part of evaluating and improving existing systems. It also includes cooperating with other teams within the business. It is to integrate new methods to streamline the company workflow and processes.

3. Documentation

It includes developing reports for finished projects of an important task. It also updates and creates technical documentation. It is for the co-workers and senior staff members within the organization for reference.

4. Building Solutions

The main aim of Tableau developers is to create technical solutions to the needs of the business.


Tableau developers are supposed to build tools to preserve data within the organization. It is known as online analytical processing.

6. Understanding Customer Psyche

A Tableau developer should be able to think through the client’s point of view. They must understand exactly what they need. They should ask some questions. Such as how the Tableau dashboard will help clients in making their decisions.

7. Skills With Tools

Tableau developers use the following tools besides other applications:

  1. Data Analysis Tools: Online analytical processing
  2. SQL Language: SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services.
  3. BI Technologies: Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI, etc.

Skills Required To Become A Tableau Developer

Like every other role, Tableau developers also require some basic skills. These skills help you to become a successful Tableau developer. Having relevant skills always helps you to succeed in your role. Let us have a look at the skills you may require to be a successful Tableau developer:

1. Storytelling And Forecasting

One of the most critical skills for Tableau developers would be to represent the data. It should be in such a way as to forecast and predict the data using the past and historical data available. This practice can improve decision-making for clients.

2. Creative And Innovative 

Tableau developers must be creative. They should find solutions to the problems that will help in improving the business processes. 

3. Problem Solving

Tableau is easy to use and learn. When it comes to working with data, the most important thing is your problem-solving mindset. If issues arise, you must know how to solve and address the issue by using available resources and platforms. Problem-solving skill is necessary as data-specific jobs require attention to detail and a logical approach.

4. Sound Analytical Mind

Tableau developers should be able to do the calculation over the data partition. It is because Tableau works on the principle of the data partition. Analytical mindset and data storytelling became more valuable than ever before. To become a Tableau developer, you must have the ability to see the “big picture” of data. It is a highly useful skill to discover trends, solve problems, and predict future events based on the data and applied models.

5. Comfortable With Data

You should be comfortable with data blending, data partition, data set theory, etc. It will make you a good Tableau developer.

6. Finding Best Way To Represent Data

Tableau developers should have the best sense of data visualization. It can be developed by many training, errors, and trails. They should know the best way to represent data to the clients. Also, in the best possible manner to understand the data for easy decision making.

Salaries Earned By Tableau Developers

Many kinds of jobs demand the skill of Tableau developers. They are among the most paid professionals in the business intelligence industry.

There is an inflated demand for Tableau developers in this industry. The average salary of Tableau professionals can be $106,000 per year. Their average salary is also increasing. The salary is expected to go as high as $158,000 per year. It would be one of the best compensation in the industry.

Scope Of Pursuing Your Career As A Tableau Developer

The Tableau developer’s job and career opportunities have increased many times in the last few years. It is the fastest evolving business intelligence tool. It is used for knowledge in visual mode. This perk makes it one of the most preferred technologies to learn.

Tableau has been named a ruler in the business intelligence and data visualization market for seven consecutive years. Do you want to pursue your career as a Tableau developer? Then you need not worry! The future of Tableau is very bright and secure.

The main reason for the rise of Tableau is the amount of data being generated every year. Tableau is the best tool to assess the data. Also, to get actionable insights from it. In the past ten years, the world has generated 50x more data than the previous decades. The salary for the tableau developers is also too high compared to its competitors.

Tableau is not going anywhere! Many small, medium and large business organizations use Tableau. Also, it has a very active and thriving community behind this tool. This makes it the best evolving visual analytical tool ever.

How You Can Become A Tableau Developer – Taking The Best Tableau Training Can Help

Obtaining a certification in Tableau allows you to stand out against the competition. It validates your in-demand skills for your desired industry. Start leading your future and boost your resume with in-demand data expertise.

Wolf Careers Inc. offers a variety of QA and BA training programs. Out of our list of interesting training programs, we have Tableau training, the best option for you. Our Tableau training will be relevant anywhere in any industry or role. No matter where your career takes you. Tableau training can give you a competitive advantage against other candidates. Also, more job opportunities, a higher pay scale, and job security.

  1. Tableau Training

Tableau is a broadly used analytics and BI software trusted by companies like Unilever and Amazon. We use Tableau to explore, visualize, and share data in the form of Workbooks and Dashboards. 

Everyone can use Tableau to clean, analyze, and visualize the team’s data. It offers a drag-and-drop function which makes it easy to use. Through this training, you will learn to use Tableau’s interface. Also, how you can connect and present data through simple visualizations.

We are as swift as you are. We follow the approach that will make learning Tableau easier and cooler.

  • Sound software knowledge is not necessary.
  • Programming skills will be a wow factor if one possesses them. 
  • Basic knowledge of Data will add value to learning as it gives a central idea of managing the data and implementation in practical ways.
  • Minimum knowledge of excel or the worksheets can help understand the whole scheme of tableau training.

If you want to pursue your career as a Tableau developer, you can enroll in our training program. Visit our website and get yourself registered today!

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