Oracle Fusion Cloud Learning is the most complete and integrated learning solution for the Oracle Cloud. The platform provides an end-to-end learning experience with over 1,000 courses on topics ranging from Java to Salesforce. Here’s what you can expect from our latest release:

Oracle Fusion Cloud Learning 22B What's New

Improved search

You can search for content by topic, title, and description. Search is faster and more accurate than ever, so you’ll find what you’re looking for faster! Search results are displayed in a more user-friendly format.

A new user interface

  • A new user interface.
  • The content is organized more logically, making it easier to find what you want. And the new look and feel make learning more engaging and dynamic.

Updated content

  • New content:
  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Learning has been updated to include new and relevant content. Content is added regularly as part of our commitment to providing the best training experience possible.
  • Updated content:
  • We constantly update existing courses with new information and technologies to ensure you learn from the most up-to-date resources available today!

New authoring tools

Oracle Fusion Cloud Learning 22B includes new authoring tools for creating, managing, and updating content.

  • Create content: Create new courses using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Add videos, documents, and other resources to your course by dragging them into the editor or pasting links into placeholders in the editor.
  • Manage content: Track who is accessing what parts of your courses with a simple “traffic light” system that shows users’ progress through different sections of each course. Use this information to target training at specific groups within your organization based on their needs (for example, salespeople needing more training on using our CRM software).
  • Update existing lessons: You can now edit existing lessons without having access rights issues – click on any lesson title in the course menu bar at any time, then click “Edit” under “Course Content.”

Oracle Fusion Cloud Learning has gotten a makeover.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Learning has gotten a makeover. You’ll notice some new features, improvements, and content, as well as new authoring tools.

The most notable changes are listed below:

  • The content library now supports the drag-and-drop creation of new courses (video or text) from your existing learning assets. This feature lets you quickly create multiple courses by dragging assets from the library onto the canvas, giving you more flexibility!
  • We’ve added support for video assets in HTML5 player format (MP4) and Flash format (.flv). Suppose you were previously using only one format. In that case, we recommend updating your videos so they can be played in either player type – this will allow them to work on all devices that support HTML5 video playback, including iOS devices such as iPhones & iPads running iOS 9+.


We hope you’re as excited about the new Oracle Fusion Cloud Learning as we are. We know that it will improve your experience with this article.

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