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How can I learn software testing without going to any institute?

Software testing is a very important and highly demanded skill in today’s world. Many institutes offer courses on software testing, but the cost of these courses can be very high. You need to read books and blogs/articles written by software testers and others who know this profession. Also, you don’t have to skip classes or exams to learn software testing.

Do a google search

How can I learn software testing without going to any institute?

Google is your friend. If you want to find out how to do something, or even if you don’t know what it is that you’re looking for, search “how do I…” and add a few keywords. If you have a particular skill in mind, try searching for training on that topic. For example, if you are interested in learning more about software testing and want to know where to start, search “software testing classes near me” or “software testing courses near me.”

Search on YouTube

How can I learn software testing without going to any institute?

YouTube is a great way to get information, as well as videos. You can find videos on software testing on YouTube, which would help you to learn and understand better. You can find plenty of tutorials on software testing, interview questions, and many other things related to software testing by searching for them on YouTube.

Read blogs

How can I learn software testing without going to any institute?

To learn software testing, you will have to read blogs. You will see a lot of information on the internet, but not all of it is good. Try to read blogs from different authors, companies, countries, and industries.

You can also use social media to find software testing blogs. Try to follow the accounts of different software testing companies and individuals. You can also join groups and forums where people discuss different aspects of software testing.

Join the Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups related to testing

How can I learn software testing without going to any institute?

Joining a Facebook group or LinkedIn group related to software testing is a great way to learn new things. You can learn from the discussions in these groups and also ask questions. You will be able to connect with other people who share your interests and your knowledge.

If you are someone who writes software or a tester who can write, then it may be worth your while to start writing articles on your area of interest. You could even get paid for your work! Sharing what you learn with others is a great way to keep yourself motivated and engaged in the subject matter.

Start reading some books on testing

Software testing is a broad and diverse field, and there are many different approaches to it. To get started, read books on software testing and related to software development in general.

One of the best ways to start is by reading about agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban. These will introduce some common practices that testers should know about—such as how stories are broken down into tasks and how those tasks are tracked over time using various tools like Jira or Trello.

Refer to some of the famous testing magazines on testing.

There are plenty of software testing and QA magazines that you can refer to. Many famous magazines about testing are available online for free. You can read them and learn from the experts in this field.


In the end, I hope that you have a better idea of how to get started with software testing. It’s not an easy job to learn, but if you’re willing to put in the work and are passionate about it, then there will be many opportunities for you out there.

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