Most creative software design concepts and ideas are supported by front-end technology in software organizations. User Interface (UI) developers are the ones who ensure to translate creative software design concepts into reality. They make use of front-end technology when creating software. User Experience (UX) developer, another individual present in a software organization, ensures that user-friendly software is designed. A UX developer prioritizes users and business requirements over technology limitations and constraints. Consequently, there is a stark difference between UI and UX developers. Before diving into the differences between them, let’s know who a UI developer is.  

Who is a UI Developer?

A UI developer is a creative head behind software design. They process the design sent to them by the UX developer and convert it into engineered software. But before, they fix all the constraints in the design. 

Both UI and UX developers possess the following skills:

  •  Knowledge of UI development tech stack and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, ReactJS, VueJS, Typescript, AJAX, etc.
  • Design and business understanding to not compromise on business goals and design intents.

This career path aims to improve the user experience by creating simple, fun, easy, and effective website or software interactions. UI developers can find complex technology systems almost everywhere they interact with consumers, from the automotive industry to software to mobile phones. 

The task of this user interface requires strong design skills focused on how the program draws users into a positive experience. The design process includes consumer research on how people use technology. 

What does a UI Developer do?

  • They work with graphic designing programs like Adobe Illustrator
  • They have command of programming and work on HTML 
  • Ensure that the consumer has a good user-experience
  • They appeal to users to use your app, website, or program. 
  • Industrial designing, website designing, or software designing all come under the UI developer domain.
  • Customer analysis to create a user-friendly interface.
  • Staying up-to-date with current design trends.
  • Testing user interface and ensuring it meets customer demands.

It will help if you are skillful in following programming languages to become a successful UI developer.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Jason
  • AJAX
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Who is a UX Developer?

UX stands for user experience. They work as part designers and part developers. Their job is to envision the big picture when designing the website. They create visually appealing graphic designs for websites. Their incredible analytical skills allow them to analyze and test web applications. Also, they use programs like Adobe Creative Suite for creating designs.

They can write codes using the following programming languages.

  • HTML
  • Flash
  • CSS
  • Java

What does a UX Developer do?

  • Understand the user and the brand.
  • Conduct user research. 
  • Analyze what you’ve learned. 
  • Create site maps, wireframes, or prototypes.
  • Conduct user testing.
  • Deliver the design solution to the client or company.

It will help if you have the following skills to become a successful UX Developer.

  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to wireframe a project
  • Ability to create prototypes
  • Understanding the limitations of a design team.

Difference between UI Developer and UX Developer

User experience (UX) is how people use a product, system, or service. It emphasizes the empirical, emotional, meaningful, and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction. It also includes an individual’s perception of the practical aspects. The user experience is subjective because it concerns people’s feelings and thoughts about the system. 

On the other hand, the user interface is a system for users to interact with their machines. The user interface contains hardware (physical) and software (logical) components. It exists in a variety of systems and provides the following means: 

  1. Inputs that allow the user to interact with the system; 
  2. Outputs that allow the system to view the effects of user interactions. 

UI is an aesthetic element when a user interacts with a product. In comparison, UX is a user and product journey through typography, colors, menu bars, and more.

UI developers are front-end developers who make sure that software features function well. In contrast, UX developers are responsible for both the perfect customer experience and the general look of the website. UX developers brainstorm features and designs that help businesses best sell their products and services.

Take Away

UI and UX developers are a must-have in today’s fast-paced technological world. With the increasing demand for digital products and services, the employment of UI and UX developers is getting common. Therefore, we at Wolf Careers.Inc provides a free design course to you. We ensure that you have a solid profile by the time you have completed the course. 

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