Texas is the fastest-growing state in America. It welcomes several residents from other countries with open arms. Also, it has opened multiple doors of job opportunities for people living in Texas. It keeps on promoting and encouraging people to do better. It is that one state which doesn’t let talent and hard work go to waste. In this article we will discuss about The Best On-Site And Remote Data Analyst Jobs In Texas, USA

According to reports gathered by A.P. News, Texas has shown 16.4% population growth since 2010. It has shown increased growth over the past seven years because of its affordable lifestyle. Cheap commute, lower utility cost, and reduced cost of living have made it highly affordable. With a growing population, many businesses have also flourished. Good-business decisions have led to a successful business. The individuals who are often behind business success are called Data Analysts.

Data Analysts are presumably tasked to collect, manage and analyze data. They help you identify bottlenecks of the business and then find solutions for them. Therefore, the role of a data analyst is quite crucial in the business world.

In Texas, many popular cities offer jobs in data analysis. Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Midland are all popular cities that provide innumerable job opportunities. 

Following are the data analyst jobs available in Texas.

Data Analyst Job At Solovis Dallas, TX, USA

The job at Solovis offers you a more open and transparent market so that more people can access the opportunity. You can make connections, create jobs, and prosper your community. Solovis makes sure that all employees get equal opportunities. It means planning career growth, ensuring the tools you need, and fostering a comprehensive culture where everyone values unique perspectives.          


Solovis Data Analyst’s typical salary is $62,747. Salaries for Solovis data analysts range from $53,817 to $79,922. 

Data Analyst Job At BAE Systems San Antonio, TX, USA

BAE Systems recognizes the variety of skills, experiences, and perspectives that employees bring. For them, the difference is the source of strength. They focus on high performance and strive every day to foster a comprehensive culture in which all employees can innovate and thrive. Not only can you build your career, but you can also enjoy a work-life balance, discover new experiences, and work with passionate colleagues at the Bae system.


The average BAE Systems Data Analyst earns an estimated $91,705 per year. It also includes an estimated base salary of $85,830 and a bonus of $5,875. 

Data Analyst Job At Holt Cat Irving, TX, USA

Data Analyst at Holt Cat is responsible for maintaining a database for collecting, analyzing, and distributing operational data across the enterprise. This role is also responsible for inputting, extracting, and creating complex reports from different systems to support the department’s business goals and needs. 


The median salary for Business Data Analysts in Irving, Texas, is $77,464, but the normal range is $67,783 to $86,423. The range of salaries depends largely on many important factors, such as education, qualifications, additional skills, and years spent in the profession.

Data Analyst Job At Artech L.L.C. Austin, TX, USA

Data Analysts at Artech L.L.C. are given continual support to improve themselves. They are tasked to write and update SQL scripts. The following responsibilities are given to them:

  • Maintaining data infrastructure as directed by product and operations managers 
  • Creating and improving dashboards 
  • Data pipeline monitoring and debugging  
  • Change documentation 
  •  Response to access requests 
  •  Support ticket data and metadata analysis to identify trends in support demand  

  At Artech L.L.C., a data analyst should possess the following skills:

  • Writing SQL scripts and debugging knowledge.
  • Data visualization/dashboard creation.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.


Average Artech Information Systems L.L.C., US data analysts have an hourly wage of around $34.92. It is 13% more than that of the national average salary.

Data Analyst Job At Robert Half Houston, TX, USA

Robert Half works consistently to improve employees’ morale. They ensure that employees get access to top jobs, competitive compensation and benefits, and free online training. They hire data analysts who use their technical knowledge to provide insights into multiple metrics. Data analytics aids Robert Half in identifying loopholes in their business and data analyst helps them to find solutions to the loopholes.


According to ZipRecruiter, the average pay of an entry-level data analyst is $30K to $55K per year.   

Take Away

 If you’re looking for a job near Texas or in remote areas as a data analyst, you have come to the right place. Texas is one of the major economic hubs in the United States. It is extremely affordable with a cheap commute and low-cost housing. Also, it gives access to several job opportunities. Top jobs are available for you in Texas. Be quick enough to avail these jobs. 

Dallas lies in the heart of Texas. It could be the best place where you can commit to your job. Also, you can settle down here as it is the major economic center. It actively hires data analysts due to growing businesses. It encourages talent and diligence. Also, Dallas people are very polite and humble. They will treat you well. 

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