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Today, businesses need real-time business intelligence to succeed. This has led to an increase in self-service options developed using the ETL process of copying data. Now, there is a growing need for employees with experience in ETL development to help businesses achieve their objectives. In this blog we will let you know the The 8 Best ETL Courses For Data Integration To Consider In 2022

You can learn ETL on a variety of platforms. Many people prefer to enroll in a physical class, but others prefer reading books or attending online courses and training. You may also choose to watch YouTube tutorials to round out your knowledge of ETL. The mode of study you choose depends on what works best for you.

Data Integration

Data integration is the process of combining data from different sources into a single, unified view. Integration begins with the ingestion process. It includes steps such as cleansing, ETL mapping, and transformation. Data integration ultimately enables analytics tools to produce effective, actionable business intelligence.

There is no universal approach to data integration. However, data integration solutions involve a few common elements. It may include a network of data sources, a master server, and clients accessing data from the master server.

In a typical data integration process, the client sends a request to the master server for data. The master server then intakes the needed data from internal and external sources. The data is extracted from the sources, then consolidated into a single, cohesive data set. This is served back to the client for use.

ETL: Extract – Transform – Load

ETL is a data integration process. It refers to the three distinct, interrelated steps of extract, transform, and load. The process involves extracting data from different systems and transforming it. Then load it into the appropriate data warehouse. 

Using ETL, businesses can gather data from a variety of sources. It can consolidate it into one centralized location. The three functions are defined as follows:

  • Extract. This is the process of gathering data from multiple sources.
  • Transform. In this step, the data is converted into a form that can be stored in the database. In the transformation process, related data are combined with other data using rules or lookup tables.
  • Load. This is the process of writing the data into the correct database. 

Anyone with experience in data hubs, data warehouses, or data lakes will understand the need to extract, transform, and load data. It is an excellent approach to data processing that will result in better performance. 

Use Of ETL

ETL is used to seamlessly migrate data from one database to another. The process is efficient when loading data from data warehouses and data marts. It is also reliable in converting the format of large databases.

In the digital era, most businesses recognize the need to prepare data and store it properly. The use of ETL has made it a go-to solution for many companies and corporations. Below are some of the possible uses of ETL.

  • Providing Historical Context

Businesses can acquire historical context when using ETL with an enterprise data warehouse. It provides extended reference material for both old and new data. 

  • Giving A Consolidated View

ETL provides a common data repository. This makes it easier to analyze, visualize, and evaluate large data sets.

  • Improving Productivity

With ETL, there is no need for technical assistance, as it can code and reuse processes to transfer data. There is no need to hand-code a migration of big data.

  • Making Business Decisions

Companies can make well-informed decisions. When they are strategizing based on proper data analysis. ETL can be used to tackle complex business problems. These are the problems that a traditional database could not handle.

Best ETL Courses For Data Integration To Consider

Step-By-Step Guide To Learn ETL

Below is a step-by-step guide to how you can learn to use ETL:

1. Install An ETL Tool

There are many different types of ETL tools available. Select the one that’s most appropriate for you or your business. 

2. Watch Tutorials

Tutorials will help you get familiar with the best practices. You will also learn about the best ETL tools available.

3. Sign Up For Classes

Classes will provide a great platform for you to interact with industry specialists. 

4. Read Books

Books are instrumental in relaying relevant ETL information to both beginners and experts.

5. Practice

The more you use the ETL tools available to you, the better you will become.

List Of Best ETL Courses For Data Integration

It is difficult to find a quality provider to teach you ETL. There is a constant rise in demand for ETL-savvy employees. This rise in demand has led to more websites claiming they can teach you the necessary skills.

We have sorted through all the courses on offer. Here we have compiled the following list of the best ETL courses and training sessions. These sites and courses are validated by reviews and post-course employability rates.

1. Course Name: ETL Testing Training

Offered By: Wolf Careers

Course Description: 

Learn the essentials of ETL data warehouse testing through this step-by-step tutorial. You will also learn data quality management. This course takes you through the basics of ETL testing, data quality queries, reporting, and monitoring. This is an exceptional course if you want to learn ETL frameworks, process flows, metadata categories, and data sourcing. You will also get to know more about the staging area for data, the business validation layer, and the data warehouse layer. At the end of this course, you will be able to retrieve data from example databases and big data management systems.

2. Course Name: ETL Testing: From Beginner To Expert

Offered By: Udemy

Course Description: 

This ETL Testing course from Udemy is an essential course for all software testing professionals. By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of business intelligence. You will also learn data warehousing concepts, data warehouse workflow, and how to perform data checks. Specifically using SQL, and ETL testing scenarios.

3. Course Name: ETL QA Training

Offered By: QA Training In Chicago

Course Description: 

This training in ETL will give you a powerful head start when it comes to extracting, transforming, and loading processes. These processes cater to the business intelligence domain. In this course, you will learn how to install and set PDI to connect to data sources and use schedules with ETL. You will also study data integration theory and learn all the basics of data transformations.

4. Course Name: Big Data Integration And Processing

Offered By: Coursera

Course Description: 

This training is an expert overview of data integration tools. You will also learn data integration hub architecture and big data management. The course also includes operational intelligence and PowerExchange for the cloud. This is a great option for students who want to learn about ETL testing. This course gives you an insight into the normalization of data and issues impacting data quality.  You will learn data warehousing concepts and conduct ETL processes with transformations. 

5. Course Name: Data Warehousing And BI Certification Training

Offered By: Edureka

Course Description: 

Become an expert in data warehousing and business intelligence techniques. This course covers concepts like data warehouse architecture, data modeling, and Erwin. You will also learn ETL fundamentals, business reporting, and data visualization. Other topics include top-down vs. bottom-up data warehouse design and schema modeling tools. Also, Dell Toad Data Modeler, Oracle Data Modeler, and ETL and BI tools classification.

6. Course Name: ETL QA Training

Offered By: Quality Analyst Training

Course Description: 

This Quality Analyst Training course will cover the best ETL tools, generation, mapping, and filtering data. It also moves on to more advanced ETL concepts such as data integration, regex expressions, and splitting and joining data. It’s a good course for beginners and experts. Although it is suggested that you have some basic ETL knowledge before you begin. The course contains training materials, where you can practice, apply your knowledge and build an app from scratch. 

7. Course Name: Data Warehousing For Business Intelligence Specialization

Offered By: University of Colorado

Course Description: 

By the end of the course, you will know all about data structures, data warehouse design, and data manipulation. The first two months of this course are free, but if you want to continue for the following five months, you will have to pay a fee. Throughout the curriculum, students will work with large data and learn to use a variety of tools and visual analytics.

8. Course Name: Building Your First ETL Pipeline Using Azure Databricks

Offered By: Pluralsight

Course Description: 

In this course, you will gain the ability to use the Spark-based Databricks platform running on Microsoft Azure. You will leverage its features to build and orchestrate an end-to-end ETL pipeline. And all this while learning about collaboration options and optimizations that it brings. But without worrying about infrastructure management.

Is ETL Good For You?

To make the most of business intelligence, conducting data analytics is essential. Regardless of a company’s size or its number of data sources, all businesses can benefit by improving their data access and organization. Through ETL tools, a company can access its ongoing data collection processes. It can create reports and metrics that can be used to build the best possible business strategy.

You should study ETL if you want to help corporations have better access to their information. You will be able to find information through many platforms using ETL processes. It can help further your career in data analysis or data science.

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