How to become a Salesforce Developer

You will learn how to become A Salesforce Developer in this blog. But before that, let’s know what salesforce is. It is important to stand out to succeed in today’s competitive business market. One strategy that can aid you in standing out is knowing who your competitors are.

It allows you to set competitive prices and helps you respond to competing marketing campaigns. The software that helps you overview your competitor is called Salesforce CRM software. The individual responsible for developing this software is known as Salesforce Developer. 

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a platform that uses data analysis to administer its interaction with customers and draws useful information from it. It is typically known as a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) platform.  

Salesforce hosts a group of technologies that support the development of other technologies. It includes tools like app analytics and B2B marketing solutions. And it provides data security, testing, and more. Also, it builds full-scale apps and software to develop simple web pages. 

Salesforce developers work on the Salesforce platform. The responsibilities of Salesforce Developers are highly varied because salesforce is a very diverse topic.

Common tasks include: 

  • Working with mobile or website applications 
  • Develop apps for other Salesforce developers 
  • Integration of the platform with other systems 
  • Customizing the salesforce environment for developer’s customers
7 Steps To Become A Salesforce Developer

7 steps to become a Salesforce Developer

You can work as a Salesforce developer without a formal qualification. However, many employers want individuals to qualify for computer science and be certified through salesforce’s training program.

To embark on your journey as a Salesforce Developer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get a degree.

To become a Salesforce Developer, you require a bachelor’s qualification. Getting a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering is sufficient enough to lend you a job as a salesforce developer. It would be best if you start searching for universities near you or in remote areas that offer a bachelor’s degree in CS and get enrolled in it.

Step 2: Internship

Internships in the software industry are an advantage. Such arrangements give you the connections, experience, and skills you need. If you can’t start developing right after graduating from college, start as a programmer and work your way up to becoming a developer.

Step 3: Certifications for Salesforce Developer

Certificates are a plus point when looking for a salesforce developer job. The following certifications can help you in getting a high-salary job as a salesforce developer. 

A) Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder 

Platform App Builder Certification is intended for developers who have experience developing custom apps on the platform (Salesforce’s own developer platform). 

This certification proves that you are familiar with Lightning App Builder and have experience with salesforce. 

B) Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I 

The Platform Developer I Certification is ideal for developers with six months to 1 year of experience developing applications on any platform. 

Ideally, you also need six months of experience on the platform. This certification demonstrates that you can build custom apps on the platform and use Apex and Visualforce on the SaaS side of salesforce. 

C) Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II 

You must first be a Certified Platform Developer to receive this certification. This certification is intended for developers with approximately 2-4 years of experience as a developer and at least one year of experience. The people with this certification are typically familiar with Salesforce’s Apex and Visualforce, as well as the platform’s SOAP, Heroku, and Lightning components. 

Step 4: Specialize

To become a successful Salesforce developer, you may need the following areas of expertise: 

  • Data modeling, management, and security 
  • Platform development 
  • Salesforce app adaptation 
  • Visualforce basics 
  • Search solution basics 
  • Developer console 
  • Salesforce object query language 
  • Object-oriented Apex programming 
  • Lightning framework

Step 5: Acquire skills

Acquiring a couple of skills can help you become a good software developer. These include: 

Analytical Skills: Helps analyze customer needs and develop appropriate software. 

Communication skills: To better communicate points, whether to show customers how the app works or give clear instructions to subordinates and team members on what to do. 

Computer literacy: Computer literacy is one of the obvious requirements. Interpersonal Skills: A good developer must necessarily be a good team player at some point. 

Problem-solving skills: Dealing with problems and finding solutions is a must for all developers. 

Step 6: Knowledge about software

The more knowledge you have about salesforce, the better. You can put this knowledge to the best use in the industry. Furthermore, your knowledge about Object-Oriented Programming Principles, Model-View-Controller design patterns, .NET Programming, or Java will also help. 

Step 7: Apply for jobs

Once you have covered everything, start applying for jobs as a salesforce developer. You can sign up at Wolfcareers.Inc to find a job as a salesforce developer.

Takes Away

Jobs in salesforce development are expected to grow with the development of technology. Therefore, it is smart of you to gain your expertise in salesforce development.