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AWS and Azure are two popular cloud computing providers. They both offer different services, which make them appealing to different people. AWS has been around for a long time, while Azure is relatively new. However, with the growing popularity of AI and machine learning, many people are starting to question the quality of these services.

With the recent growth in demand for cloud computing services, it is important to know which certification will be more valuable in 2022. This article compares the two providers’ certifications and gives a glimpse into what might happen in 2022 concerning cloud computing skillsets.

Amazon Web Services (AWS): 

AWS is Amazon’s cloud service platform. It offers services in many domains. 

Its services include computing, object storage, content delivery, and other functionality. These services help organizations to scale and grow their business. 


Hence, AWS offering services are categorized into three types such as:

  • Platform as a service (PaaS),
  • Software as a service (SaaS), and 
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). 


Do you know? Today, it has become the best cloud platform among currently available cloud platforms.


This Cloud platform offers many advantages. These include management overhead reduction, cost minimization, etc.

Microsoft Azure: 

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud service platform. It offers services in various domains. 


These services include computing, storage, database, networking, developer tools, and other functionality. These services help businesses scale and grow.


Azure services are also broadly categorized as;

  • Platform as a service (PaaS),
  • Software as a service (SaaS), and 
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). 


Developers and software employees can use it. You can create, deploy and manage services and applications through the cloud. 


It helps you emerge as one of the biggest commercial cloud service providers.


Azure offers various advantages that seamlessly integrate with your environment to achieve efficiency and scalability.

AWS Vs. Azure: Which Certification Is Better For Your Career In 2022?

AWS vs. Azure: The Origin Of The Battle

In this battle, AWS had an exceptional upper hand. AWS was launched in 2002. Google, its first competitor, did not arrive until 2009. Microsoft did not break into the cloud market until 2010. Microsoft thought that cloud infrastructure was a trend that would fade away soon. But, after the success of AWS, Microsoft had to play catch up.


When Azure launched, it was not received well and faced many challenges, especially AWS. AWS had been working for almost seven years. As a result, they had the more capital, infrastructure, and scalable services than Azure did. 


Also, Amazon could add more servers to its cloud infrastructure. It will help to make better use of economies of scale. Amazon can do something that Azure was scrambling to do. It was a setback for Microsoft. Microsoft was uncrowned as the leader in software infrastructure. Also, a non-IT newbie was now showing it the door.

AWS vs. Azure: Which Is More Popular?

In terms of popularity, there is no debate. AWS beats the game. Even though Azure has about a third of the market, AWS leads by more than 10%.


Over 41% of services and applications use AWS instead of any other cloud service. AWS’s clients include small companies like Ivory Research and huge ones like NASA. The co-founder of Ivory Research, Jack de Sullen, shared his views as an employer:


“When we were selecting the cloud service, there was no question. AWS is the most widespread platform today. We will not have any compatibility or support issues ever. That is why we went to Amazon.”


AWS may be in the lead now. But, this does not mean Azure is worthless for finding a job. It has a third of the market which means it is widely used. Do not neglect it yet.

AWS vs. Azure: Which Certification Is More Difficult To Get?

Studying hard for certification will cut your friends and family time if you want to study hard for certification. Since you are sacrificing, you need to know how to reach your goals faster.


Both AWS and Azure can be hard if you try to learn the platform without knowing what you’re doing. It can be very easy if you are sufficiently guided. But, many IT professionals claim AWS is easier to learn and get certified in.


AWS has software development kits (SDKs) for many popular programming languages for beginners. It follows the new trends to change those SDKs. 


Azure only supported C# and C++ applications until 2019. Now SDKs for Java, Python, and JavaScript have been around for a year. But several developers claim C languages have better support.


AWS makes an effort to make learning a walkover. It has three times as much material on the platform as Azure. AWS also has a free version. You can use AWS whenever you want to polish your cloud skills.

AWS vs. Azure: Which Do Employers Prefer?

The important factor in whether you want to get an AWS vs. Azure certification is your dream job. It would help if you found an employer you want to work for and what certifications they want. If your dream job needs Azure, forget the market trends; start learning Azure.


If you are concerned about what the majority wants, here are some facts. 

  • Indeed has over 16,000 positions that you had to qualify for with Azure certification. 
  • The number of AWS positions is higher at 29,000 positions.


Plenty of jobs treat certifications from either cloud platform as a plus. But, many jobs want to see an AWS certificate. 

AWS vs. Azure: Who Offers A Better Career Scope?

AWS and Azure are both well-respected cloud computing services. They struggle for a bigger piece of the cloud pie and take the world by storm. Azure enjoys about 29.4% of all installed application workloads. Meanwhile, AWS stands at 41.5%. Google has just 3% of all installed application workloads.


In 2017, AWS’s market share was highlighted at 47.1%, with Q4 revenue of $3.66 billion. In contrast, Azure’s market share did not rise above 10%, with a revenue of $6.9 billion. (Microsoft’s revenue is higher because their cloud division includes Azure and Office 365, both).


But, in its recent Q1 FY 2018 report, Microsoft’s revenue from Azure grew over 90% this year, doubling the growth rate of AWS.

AWS vs. Azure: What Should You Choose?

In the end, the choice is yours! If you want a certificate in a cloud technology that is most famous today, go for AWS. It is ahead of any other cloud service provider in market share. It is likely to continue to top the charts. Various employers will be glad to talk to you if you have an AWS certification but are not certified in Azure.


Does your dream job need an Azure certification? Do you have all the listed requirements except proficiency in Azure? Then it is a safe bet to get a certificate in this technology. You should stop worrying about whether you should choose your passion or the popular technology.


Don’t forget that even if AWS is the leading technology today. But Azure has a third of the market. So, it is a great option too. A whole 16,000 positions on Indeed are there to welcome you. Most of them will be open to a person with an AWS certification, but it can land you a job if you want to study Azure.


To assess the value of AWS and Azure, one must first consider what types of jobs are available in each. 

For AWS, many available roles involve deploying and managing applications on their cloud platform. This is beneficial for any job requiring cloud deployment or management since they can easily scale their business when they need to and know that they have the necessary tools. 

For Azure, there are many opportunities for businesses to utilize their cloud platform, but not as many with roles that involve deployment or management. 

Although AWS is more prevalent in the market, it is not necessarily better than Azure. Each provider has its pros and cons and what companies should do depends on what they need.

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