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Polishing your skill sets and gaining new in-demand skills helps you to perform your job more professionally. It helps you to build confidence. You can add more to your responsibilities. It also helps to increase your visibility at your workplace. Mastering your skills helps you get promoted to senior positions and increases in salary. It makes you a more valuable asset to your organization. In this blog, we will focus on what it is and why you should get one. We will further highlight the top 12 business analyst certifications for career growth in 2022 and from where you can get them.

When people talk about skills, you may have heard the word “certifications”. Do you have any idea about what certifications mean? And why do employers value certifications so much?

Business Analyst

Business analysts play an important role in many organizations. They analyze data and provide solutions for many IT-related problems. Business analysts have many opportunities to grow and gain skills within their careers. They can earn different certifications and training that help them to grow. 

Getting a relevant certificate within your domain helps to solidify your knowledge and skills. It also helps you to stand out from other candidates. Employers often prefer certified professionals over uncertified candidates.

BA works to improve the processes of a company. They bridge the gap between IT and the business structure. Business analyst aims to improve the software, services, and products processes. These are the processes that the company uses or offers.

Business analysts test the IT-related needs of a company. They also provide solutions that make a business system strong. To perform these tasks, BA uses data analytics. For instance, a BA identifies the IT needs of an organization and provides IT solutions to meet those needs.

What Is Business Analyst Certification

Business analyst certification is proof that you have expertise in the field of BA. You can earn BA certifications by passing an assessment or examination successfully after completion of a course. In other words, BA certification is a verifiable and tangible validation that you have professional skills for what you are doing.

Why Business Analyst Certification – Is It Worth It?

Business analyst certifications make you a valuable candidate for most companies. Employers across many organizations prefer certified professionals over non-certified candidates. BA certificates give you an extra advantage and show that you are serious about your field. It opens you to even more opportunities. As a result of the increasing demand, it is obvious that getting a BA certification will help.

Earning a top BA certification exposes you to innovative techniques as it polishes your existing skills. These BA certification training provide you access to many training materials and online communities. It also gives you extra opportunities to connect with people of the same interest. The more connections and networks you build, they may benefit you in the future.

Top 12 Business Analyst Certifications For Career Growth In 2022

There is a vast variety of BA certifications training available online. The variety is enough for everyone to select courses of their choice. We shortlisted some of the top-rated certifications from a dozen of popular ones. Here is a list of 12 business analyst certifications for career growth in 2022. Let us have a look!

  1. Business Analyst Training
  2. Salesforce Business Analyst
  3. Salesforce Admin Training
  4. AWS & Azure Training
  5. Power BI, SSIS & SSRS Training
  6. Oracle Fusion HCM Training
  7. Tableau Training
  8. Business Intelligence Training
  9. Salesforce Training
  10. DevOps Training
  11. Power BI Training
  12. Business System Analyst Training

Business Analyst Certifications For Career Growth

1. Business Analyst Training

This certification provides a comprehensive introduction to big data analytics. It is designed for all business professionals including the ones who don’t have any prior experience. 

Throughout the course, you will learn how data analytics inform, predict and describe business descriptions in the area of:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations

You will also develop an analytical mindset and basic data literacy. It will assist you in making strategic decisions using data. Upon completion, you will be able to use your skills and interpret the real-world data. You will be able to make adequate recommendations for business strategy.

2. Salesforce Business Analyst

The Salesforce business analyst training program is designed for beginners. This program helps you to become a well-trained and skilled IT professional. It will polish your skillset for this ever-changing field. 

It includes everything you need to know to become a Salesforce business analyst professional. This course is designed by industry experts to help you learn new and in-demand tools. The course starts from the basics of Salesforce business analysis and moves towards advanced topics. The Salesforce business analyst Training will include:

  • Overview on PaaS, IaaS, SaaS
  • CRM, its architecture, and uses.
  • Creating a Salesforce Account.
  • MVC Model (Model-View-Controller.
  • Understanding Application, Fields, Tabs, and Objects.
  • And much more.

3. Salesforce Admin Training

Salesforce Admin training is for anyone interested in passing the Administrator Certification exam. This course is designed with the new Salesforce administrator in mind.  It will cover each section of the Administrator Study Guide in-depth. It will also give examples in the interface, as well as hands-on experience. In this way, you can apply the concepts you are learning.

This course cover confused concepts that can trip you up on the Admin Exam, such as: 

  • The differences between Profiles and Roles.
  • The purpose and use cases for Permission Sets
  • The different types of Reports and Dashboards
  • And a lot more.

Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand IT skill on job postings worldwide. Now is a great time to learn about Salesforce. Enroll in this certification and change your career to business analysis.

4. AWS & Azure Training

In this cloud computing course, you will learn AWS and Microsoft Azure in hands-on sessions with industry experts. As you finish this course, you have already taken your first step to AWS and Microsoft Azure certification. By the end of this course, you will learn,

  • The fundamental architecture of cloud-based platforms.
  • The fundamentals of AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • The certification path in AWS and Microsoft Azure.

You can visit our website to enroll in the best AWS-Azure training today! Start your career in this field of the future and head towards your success.

5. Power BI, SSIS & SSRS Training

Do you want to use Power BI tools and create visual reports? This course can be a good opportunity for you. Data analysts, BI, and reporting professionals who wish to enhance their skills further can benefit from this course. However, the best thing about Power BI, SSIS & SSRS training is that there is no specific requirement or prerequisite. Everyone can take this course. 

6. Oracle Fusion HCM Training

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management is a cloud-based application that has been working over the past nine years. Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management has facilitated your HR processes. It has everything you need to manage your HR processes, such as:

  • Talent management tools
  • Recruitment management tools
  • Workforce management tools. 

It was natively built to provide human resource solutions starting from the hiring process till retirement. Throughout the course, you will learn::

  • To create an enterprise structure
  • An overview of security and integration
  • Understand features and processes
  • How you can customize
  • A lot more. 

As Oracle Cloud HCM is global, it is ideally structured for the companies working globally. In addition, Oracle Fusion HCM supports different currencies and has an option of many languages with country extension. Moreover, Oracle Fusion HCM  supports process needs and local compliance. You can enroll in this amazing course today in Texas. 

7. Tableau Training

Tableau is a broadly used analytics and BI software trusted by companies like Unilever and Amazon. We use Tableau to explore, visualize, and share data in the form of Workbooks and Dashboards. 

Everyone can use Tableau to clean, analyze, and visualize the team’s data. It offers a drag-and-drop function which makes it easy to use. Through this training, you will learn to use Tableau’s interface. Also, how you can connect and present data through simple visualizations.

We are as swift as you are. We follow the approach that will make learning Tableau easier and cooler.

  • Sound software knowledge is not necessary.
  • Programming skills will be a wow factor if one possesses them. 
  • Basic knowledge of Data will add value to learning as it gives a central idea of managing the data and implementation in practical ways.
  • Minimum knowledge of excel or the worksheets can help understand the whole scheme of tableau training.

8. Business Intelligence Training

Business Intelligence is a broad term. It includes the infrastructure and tools along with the best practices and applications. This enables you to access and analyze information. It helps to optimize and improve the decision-making process and performance. The term BI represents the systems and tools. They play a vital role in the strategic planning process within an organization. It also allows you to collect, store, access, and analyze organizational data to help in decision-making.

The purpose of business intelligence training is to support better business decision-making. This course provides an overview of BI’s technology. It also tells the application of BI to an organization’s strategies and goals. It guides you about how BI technologies can support decision-making across business sectors. These technologies have profoundly impacted corporate strategy, performance, and competitiveness. It broadly encompasses decision support systems, BI systems, and visual analytics. Modules are organized around:

  • The business intelligence concepts, tools, and applications.
  • The use of a data warehouse for business reporting and online analytical processing.
  • Creating visualizations and dashboards
  • Business performance management and descriptive analytics.

9. Salesforce Training

Salesforce is the most demanded cloud-based CRM software in which businesses of any size are growing into more streamlined, effective, and efficient organizations around the globe. Salesforce offers a set of reliable reporting tools that save time and money. It allows organizations to attain the vision it has foreseen. 

Salesforce training is a natural choice for those who have backgrounds in IT and management. Also, e-commerce practitioners or sales executives. This is because more and more businesses are adopting Salesforce for their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing plans.

If you are looking for an upskilling course then Salesforce certification is out for you. It is a great way to gain expertise in the world’s number one CRM cloud platform. It is in high demand across businesses of all sizes around the globe, round the clock. 

In addition to this, the number of Salesforce platform end-users increases graphically. Companies lookout for more pros skilled in Salesforce knowledge. They want Salesforce proficient experts who know the platform and can use its many services for all types of business needs.

10. DevOps Training

Nowadays, DevOps is gaining recognition globally. DevOps certification training helps you to gain all the necessary skills and expertise. You will need them to become successful DevOps professionals. You can earn DevOps training certification following a combination of:

  • Training programs
  • Assessment
  • Performance review
  • Other ways that may help to showcase your skills.

11. Power BI Training

Power BI is rapidly gaining a lot of recognition worldwide. It has become the most significant self-service BI platform. Power BI is an essential tool for beginners and professionals. Power BI enables you to connect with hundreds of sources of data. It helps you design complex rational models with intuitive and simple tools. Power BI also assists you in building interactive and stunning dashboards from the strat.

This Power BI training can be a good opportunity. Especially for all those who want to use Power BI tools and create visual reports. Data analysts, BI, and reporting professionals who wish to enhance their skills can benefit from it. However, the best thing about this Power BI training is that there is no specific requirement or prerequisite for taking this course.

12. Business System Analyst Training

Organizations acquire information systems as part of a larger focus on process improvement and efficiency. These organizations need to invest in the right system to meet their needs:  

  • Right functionality
  • Right size
  • Right price

The business systems analyst role in most organizations is responsible for translating the organization’s needs into requirements, which are then used to select or build the right system for the organization.

During this business system analyst training. You will learn about the standard model for systems development, SDLC. You will learn how to read and even create specific deliverables. Business systems analysts prepare them during the SDLC.  These documents provide guidance to the organization. It helps to determine whether to build or buy. It configures a system that meets the organization’s needs.

Business Analyst Certifications Offered By Wolf Careers Inc.

You can join Wolf Careers Inc. to learn the technical and soft skills of BA. Wolf Careers Inc. offers many BA certifications that you can enroll for. To assist your training plan in business analysis, we offer all the above-mentioned BA certifications.

You can enroll in any of the above business analyst certifications to gain professional skills. These BA certifications are specially designed for beginners. These certifications will help you start learning BA from scratch up to the expert level. After completion, you will be able to apply for the expert-level BA roles.

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