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Java is the most popular language in the world. It is used extensively in all the business fields. But, Java with its advanced coding makes it a little tough to learn it by yourself. This is where online courses come into place. These online courses are very helpful in learning languages like Java and many other related technologies. You can find several Java training courses that you can use to develop your career and stay ahead of the game. This article will help you find the 12 Best Java Courses and Certifications for Beginners in 2022 that are available right now. 

With the rapid growth of the Java-based Software Market, Java Certifications have become very vital in recent years. The statistical data clearly states that job opportunities for software developers are booming.

Have you tried to learn java but gotten stuck? If so, it may be because there are so many different resources out there which makes the whole process confusing. 

What Is Java?

Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. There are lots of uses for Java, from websites to games to appliances.

Java is an object-oriented language that can be used to create applications or applets. This means that it allows you to create programs that can run on different platforms without having to rewrite them each time you want to run them on a new operating system or computer type.

Java was designed by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan, and Chris Warth in 1991 at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle). It was named after the Indonesian island of Java because its syntax resembled the C language, but was intended to be simpler than C and more object-oriented. The original language specification was initially called Oak after an oak tree that stood outside Gosling’s office; it became known as Java, from a project within Sun Microsystems codenamed “Oak”.

The popularity of Java has spurred companies like Oracle and IBM (as well as other vendors) to develop dozens of products for this technology platform, including development tools like NetBeans IDE and applications servers like GlassFish Server Open Source Edition.

Added Benefits Of Java

Java was designed to have better security than other languages of its time, such as C++ and C#, but it also offered many other benefits. These include:

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Java applications run on multiple operating systems, such as Windows and Linux. You don’t need to maintain separate versions for each platform, which makes maintenance easier for developers.

Large Community

Java has a large community of developers who maintain open-source libraries that are available for use by anyone who wants them. This helps increase stability and compatibility across platforms.


Applications written in Java can be moved from one machine to another without any changes being required in the code at all.

12 Best Java Courses and Certifications for Beginners in 2022

12 Best Java Courses and Certifications for Beginners in 2022

The following are some Java courses and certifications that will help you become proficient in Java:

1. Java for Absolute Beginners By Udemy

This is a beginner-level course for Java developers offered by Udemy. If you are a computer science graduate or programmer coming from C, C++, or Python background, then you can use this course to quickly get up to speed with Java programming.

Here are things you will learn in this free Java course:

  • Data Types, Methods, and Classes in Java
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Java
  • Java Collections Frameworks
  • How to use Regular Expression in Java
  • How to use Java API for File IO and Networking.
  • How to use JUnit to test your Java code
  • How to use Maven to build your Java Projects

It’s a short course, not very comprehensive but provides a nice overview from a beginner’s perspective.

2. Spring Professional Certification By Udemy

The Spring Professional certification exam is designed to test and validate your understanding of and familiarity with the Spring Framework. If you are a Java Web developer working on Spring technology, then you can take this certification to distinguish yourself as an experienced and capable Spring professional in the Java web development space.

If you decide to give Spring certification in 2022, then Java Spring Framework 4 and Spring Certification course from Udemy is the right place to start with. 

3. Oracle Java Certification Exam Preparation By Whizlabs

Oracle Java Certification can be very helpful in taking your career to a higher level, and Whizlabs understands its importance very well. That’s why they offer specialized courses to help you prepare for every topic included in Oracle Java Certification exams. You can choose a program in your specific field and knowledge. 

Moreover, the courses are designed by a team of experts who focuses on helping professionals to prepare efficiently and pass the exam with confidence. You can give your career a new edge by validating your expertise with these excellent Oracle Java Certification exam preparation courses.

4. Java Certification By Duke University (Coursera)

This specialization is brought to you by Duke University. In this course, you will be introduced to the world of Java, the foundation of the Android operating system. 

You will learn core programming concepts and learn to code programs to solve complex problems. It includes sessions on JavaScript, HTML & CSS Foundation, solving problems with Software, all about arrays, lists & structured data, principles of software design, and a special session on building a recommendation system. 

5. Java Multithreading By Udemy

Multithreading is an essential part of Java programming and probably the single most important feature which separates a good Java developer from an average Java developer. There is a high demand for Java developers who can write robust and concurrent code. They also get paid very high salaries.

This course is offered by Udemy. If you truly want to excel in the Java world, multi-threading and concurrency is the area you need to conquer, then this course will help you to do that free of cost.

6. Java Training By Wolf Careers

Learning Java and obtaining a certification in it is one of the most challenging tasks for any individual, but not anymore. With multiple Java Certification courses offered by Wolf Careers, you can easily learn and earn a certification in Java programming from your comfort zone without any deadlines. The list includes various certification courses, but the highest-rated course is Java Training. 

Taking this course will not only help you attain certification in Java programming, but it will also help you become a master in all concepts of Java programming language.

7. Become A Java Programmer Nanodegree By Udacity

This nano degree program is ideally designed for beginners to teach you the skills required to design, code, test, and deploy cutting-edge Java applications. It is beneficial for both beginners and intermediates to help them pursue a career as successful Java developers. Learning this program offered by Udacity will help you understand how to build a web application in a professional setting. 

Besides, you’ll get familiar with basic programming concepts, such as variables, loops, conditionals, arrays, and methods. You will learn some critical skills during the classes, including Java fundamentals, advanced Java programming techniques, and Java application deployment. It will enhance your Java abilities.

8. Apache Spark Developer Certification – HDPCD By Hortonworks Data Platform

Hortonworks University has announced a new hands-on, performance-based certification for Apache Spark on the Hortonworks Data Platform. This Spark certification exam is designed for developers responsible for developing Spark Core and Spark SQL applications in Scala or Python. Java developers who know Scala can take this exam to distinguish themselves as experienced and capable professionals in the big data workplace.

It’s perfect for Java developers who are looking to jump into the Big Data world and want to become Data scientists in 2022. If you decide to go for this certification, then Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training is an excellent place to start with.

9. Free Java Courses & Tutorials By LinkedIn Learning

If you want to pursue a career as a Java developer or are looking forward to adding the vast array of concepts of this language to your skillset then you are at the right place. Comprising over 12 training, this course offered by LinkedIn Learning has a choice for everyone irrespective of their skill level. If you are a beginner then you may start with the basic courses or if you want to practice common coding problems in Java then there are courses for that too. By the end of the path, you will be ready to apply for a developer profile or work as a freelancer.

10. Learn Java From Scratch By Educative

If you are looking for interactive courses to learn Java from scratch in 2022 then you will love this text-based, interactive free Java course from Educative. In this course, you will start with coding a hello world program and proceed to cover common concepts such as Conditional Statements, Loop Statements, Math, and Logic in Java, before moving on to more advanced concepts like Inheritance, Generics, and ArrayLists, along with much more.

After completing this Java course, you’ll be an intermediate-level Java developer, ready to take on your own projects. Given reading text is faster than watching videos, you will also learn quickly in this Java course.

11. Parallel, Concurrent, and Distributed Programming in Java Certification By Rice University (Coursera)

This certification course created by Vivek Sarkar comes from Rice University, which is ranked as one of the top 20 universities in the US. The online program will help you boost your programming expertise using parallelism. Vivek will teach you about the fundamentals of parallel, concurrent, and distributed programming.

12. Learning Java – Online Bootcamp By Pluralsight

The programs in this path are designed in such a way that it becomes easy to choose the appropriate one. Divided into three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced, there are a total of 15 courses. Work on practical assignments and projects and attempt challenges to improve your coding efficiency. With equal importance given to both theory and practice, this path makes sure that it provides a balancing experience.

Conclusion & Takeaway

This guide has a specific focus on the best and most useful Java training courses and certifications, which is useful mainly to those who are keen on getting trained or certified. 

You can use this guide to pick the best course or certification depending on your goal in Java, quality of teaching, and the certifications the course has to offer. Please share it with anyone you know who wishes to get started in Java.

We hope this guide on the 12 Best Java Courses and Certifications for Beginners in 2022 is helpful for your needs.

Also, you can visit our website Wolf Careers Inc. to explore a wide range of courses that you may like.

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