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In this blog, we will discuss the 10 Qualities The Best Software Testing Partner Must Have:

  • Enterprise-Grade Testing
  • Better Test Coverage
  • Providing The Right Tester
  • Comprehensive Software Testing
  • Localized Testing
  • Responsiveness And Adaptability
  • Fit With The Flow Of Your Software Release
  • Relevant Testing Experience
  • True Testing Innovation
  • Easy To Use

But before we move towards the main topic, let us understand what software testing is and who software testers are.

Many software testing partners want to serve the QA department with their services around the globe. As the software testing applications scale and add new features, it makes it impossible to conduct testing at home. Especially, if you want your users to have a digital quality experience. You must not forget that unhappy customers lead to revenue losses. 

But, all Software Testing partners are not the same. There are different forms of software testing partners, such as:

  • Strategic Partner
  • Testing Outsourcer
  • Specialized Testing Supplier

Software Testing

Software testing is a program used to certify a computer program or system. It ensures that the software meets the specified needs and provides desired outcomes. Software testing helps to identify bugs in software projects and products. It is essential in producing a quality product without any issues and bugs.

Software testing is about evaluating software quality as per the pre-identified needs. Its goal is to identify and fix bugs at the early stages of software development. Software testing is not just an integral part of QA. It is also an essential aspect of the software development process cycle.

Software Tester

Software Tester performs testing at the quality assurance stage of software development. They run manual and automated tests to ensure that the software is fit to use. They ensure that every type of bug and issue is fixed before the product launch.

Software testers are essential for the creation of technical products and software systems. You may work on customized, individual, or multinational projects and earn a lot of money. You must learn and be familiar with programming and coding languages.

10 Qualities The Best Software Testing Partner Must Have

Top Qualities Of Software Testing Partner

1. Enterprise-Grade Testing

A software testing partner should be able to balance your digital products. They must allocate enough resources to your product to be enterprise-grade. You may also need new testers over time. The software testing partner must be able to meet your needs at an organizational level. 

2. Better Test Coverage

Your software testing partner should be able to get better test coverage. They should expand test coverage for platforms and devices that other companies are not recognizing. New versions and devices of iOS and Android roll out every year. Also, there are net-new, feature-rich connected devices like thermostats, automobiles, voice assistants, and more. The software testing partner you choose must provide adequate resources. In this way, you will expand test coverage for all important devices.

3. Providing The Right Tester

The software testing partner must provide a tester that best fits your needs. The tester who fits best for one app might not fit for another. For example, a company is launching a new customer reward feature in the selected US markets. They might need testers who:

  • Use high-priority devices.
  • Agree to visit stores to test the reward cards.
  • Resides in the area you want to launch.
  • Are willing to agree with a strict non-disclosure agreement.
  • Keep a track record of successful retail apps or reward programs testing.
  • Pay with particular payment methods.
  • Shops or likely shops at the retailers.

4. Comprehensive Software Testing

The use of specialized testing programs can help address areas lacking authentic test coverage. For instance, payment testing helps companies ensure they can attract enough revenue for apps. As a part of this approach, QA partners must be able to exercise real-time payments. They must help companies implement convenience from the design stage. They must also maintain justness throughout the software development life cycle. 

5. Localized Testing

Localization is much more than ensuring the app functions well in different areas. It should confirm many geography-specific details of the users, including:

  • Language:

Your applications should be able to connect and communicate with the users.

  • Currency:

If the app is not able to accept payments in local user currency, you may lose revenue. It may also lead to user retention.

  • Regulations:

It is not necessary that what is legal in one region will be legal in another region. Localization helps you to ensure that you are in the right direction of the law.

  • Culture:

It may get easy to offend your users when you fail to understand them. Localized software testing partners and users help to deliver an engaging app that does not offend.

6. Responsiveness And Adaptability

Many software testing partners use a monolithic model. They try to assemble customer releases to fit into their system. Find a software testing partner that adapts to your system and transforms needs. Responsiveness, on the other hand, is important too. If testers are not delivering beneficial results, can you access team leads to resolve your problem? You should always remember that the software testing partner is working for you. They should be responsive in communication and flexible with your requests.

7. Fit With The Flow Of Your Software Release

QA partners must be able to work with the flow of your software release. Define guidelines for timeline and development methods at the start of the testing agreement. Make sure that the software testing partner you are choosing can meet your needs. They must be able to integrate with the testing software that you use already.

8. Relevant Testing Experience

Many QA partners offer the related experience of software testing. It is beneficial and essential to be sure. Experienced QA is persistent and skilled in their areas of interest. A recipe for a well-tested product is when a tester can offer test automation or coding skills as well. Look for a QA partner who can offer relevant domain experience and knowledge.

9. True Testing Innovation

QA needs fast and comprehensive processes. Software testing partners should be willing to adopt new technologies and approaches. It will help you with the delivery of quality software. If they are not able to innovate, competitors may pass them. Do not hire a software testing partner doing everything the same way for 10 years. Find the one who can adapt to new trends and innovate over time.

10. Easy To Use

The software testing partners must provide a good experience for clients across many roles. They must be able to solve more issues than they may create. They should reveal issues and problems that your organization could not identify itself. Moreover, ease of use inspires confidence and captures more value. QA must produce an assessed and detailed test summary. It can help you prioritize and rectify defects. In this way, it saves you from unclear results and out-of-scope bugs.

Gain Software Testing Partner Qualities With Us

Wolf Careers Inc. offers a variety of QA and BA certificate training to its candidates. Among them, software testing training is one of the best training recommendations for you. The software testing training program is designed for beginners. This program helps you to become a well-trained and skilled IT professional. It will polish your skillset for this ever-changing field. 

It includes everything you need to know to become a Software Testing professional. This course is designed by industry experts to help you learn new, in-demand tools. The course starts from the basics of software testing and moves towards advanced topics.

Software Testing Training

Our staff of industry experts has designed this course to provide training for beginners. This course will introduce you to basic software testing. You will then learn about the advanced topics like:

  • Software configuration management
  • Creating a test plan
  • Test estimations
  • Introduction and familiarity with automation testing
  • QTP, QC, and other tools

After obtaining this certificate, you can work on manual and automation testing tools. Upon completion of this training, you will be able to get many related job positions in different companies.

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