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Polishing your skill sets and gaining new in-demand skills. It helps you to perform your job more professionally. It helps you to build confidence. You can add more to your responsibilities. It also helps to increase your visibility at your workplace. Mastering your skills helps you get promoted to senior positions. It also increases your salary. It makes you a more valuable asset to your organization. In this blog, we will focus on what it is and why you should get one. We will further highlight the top 10 Business Intelligence Certifications To Advance Your BI Career and from where you can get them.

When people talk about skills, you may have heard the word “certifications”. Do you have any idea about what certifications mean? And why do employers value certifications so much? 

Business Intelligence

Companies use Business Intelligence to analyze data and provide actionable information. It helps business workers, managers, and executives to make calculated organizational decisions. As a part of the Business Intelligence process, the organization;

  • Gather data from external sources and internal IT systems.
  • Make it ready for analysis.
  • Run inquiry against data.
  • Generate BI dashboards, data visualizations, and reports to make data understandable to others.

It assists the business users in strategic planning and operational decision-making. The goal of BI is to make better organizational decisions. Better decisions help the organizations to:

  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Gain competitive advantage against business competitors.
  • Increase revenue.

BI uses a combination of analytics, reporting, and data management tools to achieve its goal. It also incorporates many methodologies to manage and analyze data.

What Are Business Intelligence Certifications

Business Intelligence certifications are proof that you have expertise in the field of BI. You can earn BI certifications by passing an assessment or examination successfully after completion of a course. In other words, BI certification is a verifiable and tangible validation that you have professional skills for what you are doing.

Why Business Intelligence Certifications – Are They Worth It?

Business intelligence certifications make you a valuable candidate for most companies. Employers across many organizations prefer certified professionals over non-certified candidates. BI certificates give you an extra advantage and show that you are serious about your field. It opens you to even more opportunities. As a result of the increasing demand, it is obvious that getting a BI certification will help.

Earning a top BI certification exposes you to innovative techniques as it polishes your existing skills. These BI certification training provide you access to many training materials and online communities. It also gives you extra opportunities to connect with people of the same interest. The more connections and networks you build, they may benefit you in the future.

Basic Tasks Of Business Intelligence

Businesses use the term business intelligence to describe many tasks that they perform. We can summarize these tasks into five major categories:

  • Data preparation
  • Reporting and visualization
  • Querying and analysis tools
  • Decision support systems
  • Big data

Based on the organizational goals, businesses may have different needs for each category mentioned above.

The Future Of BI Technology

BI in the technology industry allows departments to focus on their performance. Executives can customize dashboards to track key performance indicators. BI can help the IT department create its plan for the future of the department.

Businesses can do so by focusing on the return on investment of the technology solutions.

Businesses can do so by focusing on the return on investment of the technology solutions.

BI is emerging at a fast pace like other programs and processes in the IT industry. With the help of BI, businesses transform their traditional culture into a data culture. Business intelligence helps businesses to elevate their teams. It also trains businesses to conduct research and find solutions to the data.

Business Intelligence Certifications To Advance Your BI Career

Top 10 Business Intelligence Certifications To Advance Your BI Career

There is a vast variety of BI certifications training available online. The variety is enough for everyone to select courses of their choice. We shortlisted some of the top-rated certifications from a dozen of popular ones. Here is a list of 10 business intelligence certifications to advance your BI career. Let us have a look!

  1. Business Intelligence Training
  2. Power BI, SSIS & SSRS Training
  3. Tableau Training
  4. Power BI Training
  5. Data Analyst Training
  6. DevOps Training
  7. Java Training
  8. SCCM Training
  9. Oracle Fusion HCM Training
  10. C# Training

1. Business Intelligence Training

Business Intelligence is a broad term. It includes the infrastructure and tools along with the best practices and applications. This enables you to access and analyze information. It helps to optimize and improve the decision-making process and performance. The term BI represents the systems and tools. They play a vital role in the strategic planning process within an organization. It also allows you to collect, store, access, and analyze organizational data to help in decision-making.

The purpose of business intelligence training is to support better business decision-making. This course provides an overview of BI’s technology. It also tells the application of BI to an organization’s strategies and goals. It guides you about how BI technologies can support decision-making across business sectors. These technologies have profoundly impacted corporate strategy, performance, and competitiveness. It broadly encompasses decision support systems, BI systems, and visual analytics. Modules are organized around:

  • The business intelligence concepts, tools, and applications.
  • The use of a data warehouse for business reporting and online analytical processing.
  • Creating visualizations and dashboards
  • Business performance management and descriptive analytics.

2. Power BI, SSIS & SSRS Training

Do you want to use Power BI tools and create visual reports? This course can be a good opportunity for you. Data analysts, BI, and reporting professionals who wish to enhance their skills further can benefit from this course. However, the best thing about Power BI, SSIS & SSRS training is that there is no specific requirement or prerequisite. Everyone can take this course. 

3. Tableau Training

Tableau is a broadly used analytics and BI software trusted by companies like Unilever and Amazon. We use Tableau to explore, visualize, and share data in the form of Workbooks and Dashboards. 

Everyone can use Tableau to clean, analyze, and visualize the team’s data. It offers a drag-and-drop function which makes it easy to use. Through this training, you will learn to use Tableau’s interface. Also, how you can connect and present data through simple visualizations.

We are as swift as you are. We follow the approach that will make learning Tableau easier and cooler.

  • Sound software knowledge is not necessary.
  • Programming skills will be a wow factor if one possesses them. 
  • Basic knowledge of Data will add value to learning as it gives a central idea of managing the data and implementation in practical ways.
  • Minimum knowledge of excel or the worksheets can help understand the whole scheme of tableau training.

4. Power BI Training

Power BI is rapidly gaining a lot of recognition worldwide. It has become the most significant self-service BI platform. Power BI is an essential tool for beginners and professionals. Power BI enables you to connect with hundreds of sources of data. It helps you design complex rational models with intuitive and simple tools. Power BI also assists you in building interactive and stunning dashboards from the strat.

This Power BI training can be a good opportunity. Especially for all those who want to use Power BI tools and create visual reports. Data analysts, BI, and reporting professionals who wish to enhance their skills can benefit from it. However, the best thing about this Power BI training is that there is no specific requirement or prerequisite for taking this course.

5. Data Analyst Training

This course is designed to meet the market needs. Do you want to build your career in a tech domain that does not need coding? If yes, then data analyst training is just the right choice for you. This training certification covers the technologies used in data analysis, such as:

  • Excel
  • Advanced Excel
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • PowerBI
  • Basics Of R
  • Python

In addition to the theoretical sessions, there are hands-on exercises and real-time projects. These add-ons help you to apply your concepts and test your learnings.

6. DevOps Training

Nowadays, DevOps is gaining recognition globally. DevOps certification training helps you to gain all the necessary skills and expertise. You will need them to become successful DevOps professionals. You can earn DevOps training certification following a combination of:

  • Training programs
  • Assessment
  • Performance review
  • Other ways that may help to showcase your skills.

7. Java Training

In this Java training for beginners, you’ll learn Java programming basics such as:

  • What is the Java platform?
  • How to install Java?
  • JVM 
  • OOPS concepts
  • Objects
  • Variables 
  • Class 
  • Arrays 
  • Strings 
  • Command-line arguments 
  • garbage collection
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Interface
  • Packages
  • Constructor
  • And More.

In this Java basics for beginners guide, you’ll also learn advanced concepts like:

  • Switch-case
  • Functions
  • Multithreading
  • Swing
  • Files
  • API
  • Java Spring
  • And more.

This Java training is designed for beginners with little or no Java coding experience. So stop worrying about the prerequisites and start learning Java. You only need a little understanding of computer sciences to get started with this training.

8. .Net Training

.Net is a free and open-source platform that helps you to create a variety of apps. Using .Net, you can design applications for mobiles, desktops, web, IoT, and gaming. You can use many languages, libraries, and editors to develop apps. 

.Net training certifications help you to gain relevant expertise. It provides real-world examples and practical experiences. These tactics will help you to get familiar with .Net programming.

9. Oracle Fusion HCM Training

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management is a cloud-based application that has been working over the past nine years. Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management has facilitated your HR processes. It has everything you need to manage your HR processes, such as:

  • Talent management tools
  • Recruitment management tools
  • Workforce management tools. 

It was natively built to provide human resource solutions starting from the hiring process till retirement. Throughout the course, you will learn:

  • To create an enterprise structure
  • An overview of security and integration
  • Understand features and processes
  • How you can customize
  • A lot more. 

As Oracle Cloud HCM is global, it is ideally structured for the companies working globally. In addition, Oracle Fusion HCM supports different currencies and has an option of many languages with country extension. Moreover, Oracle Fusion HCM  supports process needs and local compliance. 

10. C# Training

Have a look at the following most demanded courses of C# worldwide. These courses are intended to introduce C# training to develop well-documented programs.

These courses are equipped with case studies on Java versus .Net. It helps to understand what the differences are and when to use. .Net and Java besides hands-on projects to understand things practically.

C# Training- Programming For Beginners Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Visual C# Express Overview
  • C# Program
  • Data Types and Variables
  • Introduction to Classes And Objects Overview
  • C# Arithmetic Operators and Expressions
  • C# Input and Output
  • Decision Making
  • Repetition
  • Methods

C# Basics For Beginners In C# And .Net Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to C# and .Net
  • Introduction and Understanding of C# Variables
  • Introduction and Understanding of C# Operators
  • Introduction and Understanding of C# statement
  • Introduction and Understanding of C# Iterative Statement
  • Introduction and Understanding Debugging in C# .net Environment

.NET Parallel Programming With C# Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Task Programming
  • Data Sharing and Synchronization
  • The Concurrent Collection
  • Task Coordination
  • Parallel Loops
  • Parallel LINQ
  • Asynchronous Programming

Business Intelligence Certifications Offered By Wolf Careers Inc.

You can join Wolf Careers Inc. to learn the technical and soft skills of BI. Wolf Careers Inc. offers many BI certifications that you can enroll for. To assist your training plan in business intelligence, we offer all the above-mentioned BI certifications.

You can enroll in any of the above business intelligence certifications to gain professional skills. These BI certifications are specially designed for beginners. These certifications will help you start learning BI from scratch up to the expert level. After completion, you will be able to apply for the expert-level BI roles.

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