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About Tableau

Tableau is a data analytics and visualization tool that allows users to see and understand their data in a much clear manner. In another way, this is the tool by which you can transform raw data into a productive one for better decision-making.

Flexibility and choice

Organizations can influence their prevailing technology investments as the data landscape changes and grow. Wolfcareers offers many options to deploy analytics and connect to all of your databases, wherever it is in the system.

Business Governance and security

Tableau proficiency empowers businesses with enterprise-grade security and governance models to keep data safe and secure anytime. In any situation besides, tableau will help to divert IT focus on what matters most.

Integration and extensibility

With wolfcareers in-depth knowledge and capabilities, and an Extended and vast partner network, Tableau serve worldwide enterprises across the full cycle of self-service analytics; from the beginning of prep to analysis to sharing and much more, all this with a data-driven and data management approach in every step of the way.

About Tableau online certification training course

With the help of Tableau, business professionals can improve their decision-making by making use of data visualization features. This course is specifically designed for all those tech-fanatics who want to learn important techniques and concepts of Tableau. We provide Tableau Training and job placement in Chicago and Texas also assistance after completing the course.


We are as swift as you are. We follow the approach that will make learning tableau easier and cooler.

  • Sound software knowledge is not necessary.
  • Programming skills will be a wow factor if one possesses them. 
  • Basic knowledge of Data will add value to learning as it gives a central idea of managing the data and implementation in practical ways.
  • Minimum knowledge of excel or the worksheets can help understand the whole scheme of tableau training.

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Prominent features

  • 25 hours of training in a both virtual and physical mode
  • Practical assignment work to strengthens concepts
  • On the job industry experience by working on live project
  • Pro-active live projects
  • Quality mentoring from industry professionals
  • Access to e-book
  • Course completion certificate will be provided

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, you will have proficiency in the following aspects:

  • How to create intelligent business solutions for data.

  • How to visualize, analyze, and combine multiple databases without the use of any complex scripting.

  • How to share dashboards with anybody and spread insightful information.

  • How to display complex analytical problems within seconds and with accuracy.

  • How to work with data from hadoop, data warehouses, spreadsheets, and data sets.

  • How to work fast in lesser time by analyzing tons of data.

  • How to connect to data infrastructures by using Tableau.

  • How to do Scaling from small to large levels as well as support growing analytics.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction of Data Analytics
  • Tableau Vs Other tools technology tools
  • Introduction to Tableau Architecture
  • The need for visualization
  • Use of Tableau to make insightful visuals
  • Scripting methodology
  • Dashboards creation
  • Learn how to connect with multiple sources at a time
  • Integration of tableau with R
  • Cross Tables
  • Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Density Chart
  • Scatter Plots
  • TreeMap
  • Histogram
  • Geographic Map
  • Heat Map
  • Line Graphs
  • Box Plot
  • Gantt Chart
  • Bullet Chart
  • Circle View
  • Dual-Line Charts
  • Area Charts
  • Stacked Bar Chart
  • Adding, Duplicating, and Renaming Worksheets
  • Reordering, Clearing, and Deleting Worksheets
  • Displaying Data of a Visualization
  • Worksheet Tab Options
  • Showing and Hiding Elements
  • Saving and Converting Worksheets
  • Package Workbook
  • Storylines

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Server

Tableau Online

Tableau Mobile

Tableau Public

Tableau Reader

  • Real-Time project
  • Create Dashboards
  • Implementing Best Practices
  • Publish Dashboard

Course’s FAQs

Can you tell us about the trainers?2021-01-22T16:44:04+00:00

The trainers for this prestigious course, including all the courses, have specialization in the respective technology. This implies that you will be learning the best from the best. Moreover, before we select them to train you, they pass through an extensive selection process. And until we get satisfaction as to their expertise, we don’t hire them.

What are wolfcareers credit hours criteria?2020-12-08T18:55:46+00:00

You will get 1 credit per hour of learning.

What is an enrollment process?2021-01-22T16:46:07+00:00

For anyone interested in taking this online certification training course can enroll through our website. And they can choose any payment method, such as American Express, Visa Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, or MasterCard. Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email.

How do we get 24×7 support?2021-01-22T16:45:12+00:00

You can request 24×7 assistance via email, phone number, or an inquiry form. Our patient customer service team is all there to give you on-demand assistance.

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